Integration Use Cases

Dumb Audio/Video Device
All Jabra devices can be used in native USB hid/3.5mm/Bluetooth mode for audio/video only. No integration required.

Call Control
Take control of Jabra device buttons to control application events like answer a call, put a call on hold, mute, hang up and/or transfer a call. Automating call control from the headset dramatically increases user efficiency and call quality.

Device Settings
Change device parameters to customize audio and device behaviour to your application. Change or disable mute tones, alter bass and treble settings to improve user experience and call efficiency.

Asset Management
Enhance your application by correctly identifying the Jabra device being used and allocate the serial number to a specific user or PC. This can help with asset management and device security. Provide the ability to download and update device firmware if/when required. Download devices pictures and other content to instruct users how to correctly setup their headset.

Busy Light Control and Programmable Buttons
Take control of devices busy lights and re-programmable buttons to provide bespoke headset and speakerphone services relevant to your application. Use busy light colours to display a users call state automatically, use programmable buttons to automatically transfer calls to supervisors or display a help screen.

Voice/Audio Analytics and Diagnostics, People Count
The Engage range of devices supports advanced features designed for professional telephony applications such as real time cross-talk measurements, background noise measurements, noise cancelling and badly positioned boom arm measurements and many other advanced analytic and diagnostic parameters so that a telephony professional can see how the application and audio devices are performing. These features can also be used to provide real time feedback on how you are sounding on a call. The People Count API is available through the Panacast SDK.