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Is it possible to use the JabraHidTelephonyApi.dll that have been developed targeted to .NET for using in
web navigators like Google Chrome or Node-Webkit Applications?

I have seen in the JabraHidTelephonyApi.chm that javascript languaje is included but it´s not possible to load the JabraHidTelephonyApi as a Google Chrome plugin like Adoble Flash Player , for example.

How can i load the JabraHidTelephonyApi.dll using Node.js or html5 with javascript ?


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hey ricardo! congratulations! you are the first ever post in the Jabra Developer Zone forum! our engineers will get back to you on your question, but i wanna send you a cool headset for being the first ever post! ping me with you address @ and i will send.......many thanks!

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Hej Ricardo,
thank you for the good question. I would like to direct your attention towards our Websocket SDK which is available in the SDK´s / Windows section. Let me know if this tool is useful for your purpose. Thanks.
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