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We are willing to use Jabra Link 260 buttons for specific purposes on our Linux applications (and also later on some Windows applications).
Is this supported by this peripheral? To be more precise we would like to do some kind of action as long as the button is pressed, and then stop this action when the button is released.
If we can't do this kind of thing with the Link 260, is there a Jabra Product (usb headset with microphone and some buttons on wire) that could be used in such a way?

By the way, the buttons of the Jabra Link are backlighted with coloured led.
Is there a way of controlling these leds through the Linux SDK?

And then, last question, under Linux, is it required to patch the Kernel?

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hi nicolas, there are a number of options for MMI - can you email me on and we can go through it. thanks!! iggy.
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