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Are the Jabra Link 220/220a devices supported by this SDK? I have a customer who is using one of these and whenever we send an Off-Hook to it, it doesn't ACK.
I don't have that particular device to test, but it doesn't look like it has any buttons to support telephony functions.

The API documentation states 'A further requirement for a Jabra USB device to be supported by this library is that it enumerates as a Human Interface Device (HID) and that its HID descriptor has a Telephony Usage Page1"

Is there a way to view the HID descriptor to determine if it has that particular Usage Page?

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The 220 product is not designed for call control purposes but rather to add support for an analog (Quick Disconnect based) headset to connect to a PC. Therefore the device will work as an audio device only. Hope this clarified your query.
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