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Hi there! Im using jabra-browser-integration in my web application and all works fine for me.

For electron application, Im using your node module
I'm trying to add code sample into my electron app:

const jabra = require('jabra')('myId');
jabra.on('attach', (device) => {
const retCode = device.lock();

So device:
Device {
_events: {},
_eventsCount: 0,
_maxListeners: undefined,
deviceID: 0,
productID: 769,
vendorID: 2830,
ESN: '00014A627742',
deviceName: 'Jabra EVOLVE 20',
errorStatus: 0,
connectionType: 0,
isDongleDevice: false,
isInFirmwareUpdateMode: false,
usbDevicePath: '/tmp/VID2830_PID769_LOCID342097920',
variant: '01-1D',
dongleName: null,
parentInstanceId: 'NOT SUPPORTED ON MAC',
connectionId: undefined,
parentDeviceId: undefined,
_isMuted: false,
_isOffHooked: false,
_isOnHold: false,
_isRinging: false,
_isTranslatedEvent: false,
getImagePathPromise: null,
getImageThumbnailPathPromise: null,
imagePath: null,
imageThumbnailPath: null,
isBatterySupported: null }

As I see from this object - 'NOT SUPPORTED ON MAC' and also device.lock() is undefined for me. Any idea what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks!

(MacO High Sierra Version 10.13.6)

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1. parentInstanceId is ‘NOT SUPPORTED ON MAC’:

This entry is applicable only in Windows and it defines the registry path and it is not necessary and not applicable on MAC.

2. device.lock() is undefined:

Device Lock functionality is removed in latest SDK and as SDK handles the locking mechanism internally, so, device.lock() need not be called explicitly.
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