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We are trying to use the current Mac SDK ( and it is only working as long we don't turn on Sandboxing (which is needed for AppStore release).

Seems like the SDK uses a mutex to guard access to the device and that mutex is a file-base mutex which is hardcoded to /tmp.

Taken from the Jabra log:
[09:00:44:905+0200 2019-10-25   ERROR]: Error creating device lock /tmp/VID2830_PID8994_LOCID338690048: Operation not permitted
[09:00:44:905+0200 2019-10-25   ERROR]: Timeout, unable to get GnpMutex seems not to work on /tmp, so we can't add an exception which would allow access to /tmp.

This prevents us from integrating the SDK.

Is there a solution to that issue?
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