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Can anyone advise me how I can use Jabra Windows SDK in Universal Windows Platform app (UWP app for Windows 10)?

Now I cannot use the SDK directly in UWP project because the SDK only supports .NET Framework while UWP app requires .NET Standard/Core libraries.

I think there should be 2 approaches:

1. Jabra will rebuild the SDK to support both .NET Framework and .NET Standard (multi targets). This should be quick without or with little code update as from the portability report from Microsoft Apiport 2.7.0 tool, I see that it's fully compatible with .NET Standard or .NET Core, in which 100% of its using code in .NET Framework are available in .NET Standard or .NET Core.

2. Reference to Jabra SDK in a project that use .NET Framework like Console project or Windows Runtime Component,... and use approaches like EventHandler or AppService to communicate together with UWP app. This solution is not straightforward with some problems/challenges in event handling and packaging.

Many thanks for your help.
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