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Can anyone help me figure out why Jabra Direct is crashing and when it comes back up my headset is missing and can't be configured? (to recover I have to delete the ~/Library files related to Jabra, and then factory reset the headset's base and then it will come back and allow configuration for a few hours and appear to be working fine, before it crashes again. No other apps on my system (even ones using electron/swift such as crashplan are having any issues).

Jabra Version 4.0.6820, MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 Macbook Pro 16,1

The jabrasdk log in ~/Library is filled with (for every function that is used by the sdk):

[11:59:07:749-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: Base ringtone volume
[11:59:07:749-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: Mobile device 1
[11:59:07:750-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: Mobile device 2
[11:59:07:750-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: Jabra device
[11:59:07:750-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: Base firmware version
[11:59:07:750-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: Headset firmware version
[11:59:07:750-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: Part number
[11:59:07:750-0600 2020-03-31 WARNING]: Setting read error: DECT region
[11:59:12:331-0600 2020-03-31 FATAL]: Caught Error -536870174
[11:59:12:331-0600 2020-03-31 ERROR]: Unable to write packet
[11:59:12:331-0600 2020-03-31 ERROR]: GNMessageHandler::SendGnProtocolPacketAndWaitForResponse():GNMessageSend failed (-536870174)
[11:59:12:331-0600 2020-03-31 ERROR]: DynamicSetting::ReadAudioType is failed => Pid: 4371, Variant: 01-48, FirmwareVersion: 3.4.1, SettingName: Audio bandwidth
[11:59:12:331-0600 2020-03-31 FATAL]: Caught Error -536870174
[11:59:12:331-0600 2020-03-31 ERROR]: Unable to write packet

And the thread from the crashreport lists it happened during memmove:

Thread 19 Crashed:
0 libsystem_platform.dylib 0x00007fff6eb3c9c6 _platform_memmove$VARIANT$Haswell + 198
1 0x00007fff37938ff7 _IOHIDValueCopyToElementValuePtr + 91
2 0x000000010812a4b4 0x10811d000 + 54452
3 0x000000010812b234 0x10811d000 + 57908
4 0x00007fff3793d3e8 IOHIDDeviceSetValue + 33
5 libjabra.dylib 0x0000000109145f51 DeviceDriverMac::WriteUsage(__IOHIDDevice*, t_reportType, unsigned short, unsigned short, unsigned short) + 241
6 libjabra.dylib 0x0000000109147a25 DeviceDriverMac::SetFeature(unsigned short, unsigned short, unsigned short) + 117
7 libjabra.dylib 0x00000001091c8f0f JabraDevice::SetHidWorkingState(_Jabra_HidState) + 111
8 libjabra.dylib 0x00000001091a5485 Jabra_SetHidWorkingState + 1029
9 sdkintegration.node 0x0000000108fa8c28 std::__1::__function::__func<napi_SetHidWorkingState(Napi::CallbackInfo const&)::$_11, std::__1::allocator<napi_SetHidWorkingState(Napi::CallbackInfo const&)::$_11>, void ()>::operator()() + 18
10 sdkintegration.node 0x0000000108f7e12c util::JAsyncWorker<void, void>::Execute() + 236
11 sdkintegration.node 0x0000000108f90383 Napi::AsyncWorker::OnExecute(napi_env__*, void*) + 23
12 com.github.Electron.framework 0x000000010f138caa 0x1097c1000 + 93813930
13 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff6eb4b109 _pthread_start + 148
14 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff6eb46b8b thread_start + 15

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First: Have you tried registering a ticket with Jabra product support? (
That is the official channel for product support (whether it's the Engage 75 or the Direct).

But they will probably also ask you questions like:

  • when the crash happens, is it during usage, or just with Direct running in the background?

  • does the engage 75 failure this also happen when *not* running Direct (you don't *need* Direct to just use headset in normal usage, unless you need the "preferred softphone" option to prevent clashes).

  • are you up to date to the latest Direct version (and headset FW?)

  • if you do need to adjust settings and the like with a running app, you can also try the demo-app in the SDK for Mac. This provides settings access to most of the stuff you can do with Direct.
    The demo app and Direct both use the Jabra core libraries to interface with the device (this is where the stack traces are from, not actually Direct), and might provoke similar errors (although there can be difference in the version of the core lib used).

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    There the ones that sent me here. I've been working with them for over a month, to no avail. After a month of self troubleshooting I narrowed the initial problem down to a piece of software called lsiagent which is the systrack agent made by lakeside software After uninstalling that the initial problem was gone, which was that immediately after a factory reset of the base and resetting my ~/Library files (deleting all jabra preferences) the minute the direct app was told to apply the headset would reboot and apply the settings but then vanish from the jabra direct app.

    Now the issue is that after that initial reset it will work for a few hours, but then kernel panic, and when it comes back up the headset is gone from the software.

    They know that I'm not building any plugins, or my own apps for it but ran out of ideas and so they sent me here. I'm exhausted and frustrated for the support a 400 dollar headset gets you, and just looking for anyone who might have an idea of where to go from here. It's like the device is having an issue locking onto the HID or reading/writing from it. I'm an admin on the system (minus the SIP rules in place), and all devices in the mac can see the headset just fine (like skype & software settings for sound), but without the app none of the integration settings work.

    I've ran out of ideas, took me all I had just to figure out the lsiagent issue was the one causing the first problem, and was excited after that stopped.. and a few hours later, boom, crash.. and I'm back to square one trying to figure out what is causing it and don't know where else to turn.

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    Forgot to mention, that I am on the latest firmware (i even downloaded the old suite which had the firmware option at all times) and made even pushed the latest 3.4.1 on there a second time just to make sure there wasn't a corruption.

    It works perfectly fine without the jabra software but my company utilizes multiple applications that all have softphone capabilities built into them. We use teams, skype, and have other softphones that IT will once in a while push out the software for even if we're not planning on using it.

    For now I've been able to turn off or uninstall most of them. But would like to be able to just set the software for "preferred this" and then forget about it and not worry the next time IT is going to push out another piece of software that will either reset any settings i've done or try to take over as the default softphone.

    And the fact that it works perfectly fine without the software is the baffling part... if everything in the entire system including skype, and everything else that is installed in the same location /Applications with all the settings under ~/Library... and they can see the headset just fine.. WTH is wrong with Jabra's software?
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