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Hello, the company I work at develops custom hardware for communications integration. We are using Jabra Engage 75 as a headset. Our customer would like to have a functionality to control some of the headset behavior using our touchscreen interface. I have found a document some time ago, describing option to command the headset with UART interface in the AUX connector (pins 3 and 5 of the AUX connector). The document is a bit dated and probably not an official release as there is much information missing.

Is it still possible to command the headset with UART over the AUX connector?

We need to activate and deactivate the headset from our control touchscreen (linked to other actions, i.e. picking up the call). As the custom hardware is not PC based, we can't use the USB interface for the headset control.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Hello, and thanks for posting.
Yes, the document you have is still valid.
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