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Is it possible to use the websockets API to connect to Jabra PRO through to a desk phone?

The sdk demo connects to the Jabra headset ok and I can send commands, but I'm not able to answer incoming calls to the desk phone with these commands.

Any help?

Joined: 17/04/2018 04:27:59
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Hi Mark,
the websocket service api is intended for PC usage. If your purpose is to enable call control functions to your deskphone i suggest you look into;

if your phone has an USB port;
USB HID specification or our Linux SDK (if your phone is based on Linux platform).

<a href="">USB HID at bottom</a>
<a href="">Linux</a>

w/o USB port e.g. if your phone has a 8-pin AUX port;
Take a Look at our Jabra IQ protocol;
<a href="">Jabra IQ</a>

please let me know if you have further queries.

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