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When starting the Jabra SDK Demo (V application it takes 20 seconds until the first scan is finished (IDeviceService.FirstScanDone event) and the decices are ready to be used.
I have nearly the same delay when starting the "Jabra Direct" (V 4.1415119) application.

Is this normal behaviour or what could be the reason for the delay?

As a consequence initializing Headset-CallControl is much slower compared to a generic HID implementation without the SDK!

Some details about my environment:
Brand new Windows 10 20H2 (19042.630) on 12 Core AMD.
Only three different USB headsets where plugged to system in his lifetime (not having many unused/disconnected HID items!).
Only one Jabra Headset (Jabra Link 370 with STEALTH v2.11.0 -> firmware up to date) is used by the system!
Jabra SDK demo not using none-Jabra devices: serviceFactory.DetectNonJabraDevice = false;

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sorry, missed this one.
No, the initial scan should take a second or two, max.
Same for Jabra Direct.

What other USB devices do you have attached to the system?
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