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Sorry for the delayed update!
What we found out, that the problem occurs when JabraDirect (or the SDK) is not able to access the internet (company firewall rules) and some of the devices are new/unknown for JabraDirect. Obviously there is a local cache (device images, etc...) which is used, because after JabraDirect (or the SDK) was able to access the internet once the device scanning is fast, even when the internet connection is blocked again.

When starting the Jabra SDK Demo (V application it takes 20 seconds until the first scan is finished (IDeviceService.FirstScanDone event) and the decices are ready to be used.
I have nearly the same delay when starting the "Jabra Direct" (V 4.1415119) application.

Is this normal behaviour or what could be the reason for the delay?

As a consequence initializing Headset-CallControl is much slower compared to a generic HID implementation without the SDK!

Some details about my environment:
Brand new Windows 10 20H2 (19042.630) on 12 Core AMD.
Only three different USB headsets where plugged to system in his lifetime (not having many unused/disconnected HID items!).
Only one Jabra Headset (Jabra Link 370 with STEALTH v2.11.0 -> firmware up to date) is used by the system!
Jabra SDK demo not using none-Jabra devices: serviceFactory.DetectNonJabraDevice = false;
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