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Thanks Joseph for your update. We are fully aware of the situation and the inconvenience it is to manually patch the kernel - we are looking into to alternatives where patching of kernel is not required. We have not yet reached stage where i can share some material. Once this is achieved i will provide and let you know. I will check with the team and see if i can share a timeline for you.

Hi Weydson
please proceed and report your incident via the support page

Thank you.
Hi Natascha, if your intention is to go in a call state (opening mic/speaker) then you can just proceed by sending Hook Off - but then you need to consider if a 'real' call arrives, how to handle that scenario. But my response more depends on scenario you want to cover?


Hi Natascha, yes kernel update is required. I can provide to you 'off-line' if you are interested.

Hi Adrian,
just a short update, i suspect your findings with the Speak 410/510 is due to a bug in the products. Issue is informed to the project team and next step is to get an expected timeline for the fix. I will keep you updated.

Do you have any other headset models which you could use? Else let me know..

Hi Joseph,
the process is still under way and currently i cannot provide you an estimated timeline unfortunately. Once i receive input from the Linux team i will share it with you.

Hi Natascha and thank you Lukas for the very good input smilie

Our current SDK is not supported on kernel 4.4.0 but we already have made an internal fix for this, which i can share to you. But just notice that this is non-released/unofficial sw. We believe the patch for 14.04.04 also work on 14.04.05 but have not confirmed it - hope you can help confirming it.

For your second question unfortunately we currently to not have other material than the HID 3.0 document available. But i suggest you to try the demo client included in the Linux SDK for understanding the signalling flow etc, as the principle is similar. Functions such as headset battery status is not exposed/available when working 'around' our SDK.

Hope i clarified your queries.

Thanks /Mehmet

Hi Lars,
sorry for the long delay. In short the correct command to transmit ringtone to the headset should be via the SetRinger=true command. Can you please inform the FW version of the Link 360 dongle which is bonded with the Evolve 65 headset? We recently observed a bug in current FW which is causing an issue on this particular scenario.

the UC Voice series does not support button customisation, this is supported in i.e. Biz 2300 series. What you can do instead from your application is e.g. to change behaviour of the 'hook' command received from UC Voice device to your application to trigger a different activity. But this is something controlled and maintained by you and your application. Hope this clarified your query.
Hi Anders,
we released version 1.2.393.0 in December which include a certificate during installation. Please have a look at the new package and let me know if you have further questions in its usage. thanks
good to hear smilie
Hi Anders, the localjabrawebsocketserver is the jabra 'server' module that handle the communication from the browser to the headset itself. Recently browsers like Chrome stopped supporting direct 'localhost' signalling, which we have solved through the jabrawebsocketserver and the certificate included in the updated package.

Hope this clarifies this. Please let me know the issue you are observing with the demo tool.

Hi Travis,
can you provide some additional details on methodology to reproduce incident. Does it occur everytime or only periodically. Which OS version are you using and is the Jabra device connected on a USB 3 port?

Ok Anders, can you please elaborate on what is not working? Does the browser not detect whether the Websocket application is running? Is the Websocket application installed and launched prior to trying the Test client html page? Or is the problem something else.
Alternatively please try enabling debug log on the websocket client (section 1.2.3) in the document included in the SDK.

Thanks Wes for your interest. Lets follow up on this item separately. Any chance you can provide this request in a mail to developersupport at

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