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yes - you can disable the ring tone. if you check out the windows SDK there is a demo included which shows how to do it. unfortunately the demo is not included with the node.js SDK, we are looking to fix this in the next release.
Yes this is possible with the node.js API and the Engage 50 headset.

just checking.....get back asap.
ill check, thanks for the update
(and no, the SDK demo for Windows currently does not do that correctly)

The C API supports this, the trick is that you’ll need to get focus on BusyLight first:

Jabra_ReturnCode res = Jabra_GetRemoteMmiFocus(deviceNo, RemoteMmiType::MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT, RemoteMmiInput::MMI_ACTION_NONE, RemoteMmiPriority::MMI_PRIORITY_NONE);
if (res == Jabra_ReturnCode::Return_Ok) {
RemoteMmiActionOutput busyLightLed = { 255,0,255,RemoteMmiSequence::MMI_LED_SEQUENCE_SLOW };
res = Jabra_SetRemoteMmiAction(deviceNo, RemoteMmiType::MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT, busyLightLed);

In .net, that would be (I guess, have not tried):

GetRemoteMmiv2Focus(RemoteMmiType::MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT, (empty list), RemoteMmiPriority:: MMI_PRIORITY_NONE);
SetRemoteMmiv2Action(RemoteMmiType::MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT, myRemoteMmiActionOutputInfo);

The browser SDK changes the Engage 50 lights by calling Jabra_GetRemoteMmiFocus followed by Jabra_SetRemoteMmiAction.

By installing the browser SDK, one can easily experiment with the API in a browser test app here “”.
Hi, the documentation for the new windows SDK is incorrect. It has not been updated. We are rectifying the situation asap.

yes, its the latter. The documentation is wrong. We are fixing ASAP.

Thanks for you patience.
my apologies! yes, i meant the windows SDK. the node js SDK probably has the same issue.
hi, could be a NODE SDK issue. we are looking into it. The engage 50 definitely supports multi color busy light.
It's getting translated and posted as we speak. I expect it to be available by 8th March.
hi, this is a forum for Jabra SDK developers. Please go to for specific device support and feedback. thanks!
hi guys, sorry for the delay - i've pinged our browser development team, should have a reply this week.
App crashes whenever a Plantronics headset is connected & you press a button on that headset (assuming that Plantronics library is also loaded in the java application) Windows Event Viewer shows libjabra.dll is the cause of the crash.

This will be fixed in the next release of the Jabra Windows SDK.
As the documentation on the Jabra package is not updated, we need to update the documentation and need to republish to npm. we will do this in the next few days.
1. parentInstanceId is ‘NOT SUPPORTED ON MAC’:

This entry is applicable only in Windows and it defines the registry path and it is not necessary and not applicable on MAC.

2. device.lock() is undefined:

Device Lock functionality is removed in latest SDK and as SDK handles the locking mechanism internally, so, device.lock() need not be called explicitly.
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