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ahh, unfortunately the elite devices do not support the link 370 usb to bluetooth adapter at this time. We are looking at adding this feature in the future releases. Once that happens, yes you will be able to use elite devices with windows apps and game.
are you using a mobile device? if so which model and OS? thanks!
hi anto, we have not made any vb demos as yet - i will feed this int the team as a request.
hi nicolas, there are a number of options for MMI - can you email me on and we can go through it. thanks!! iggy.
hi, sorry - can you translate to english? cheers!
The “Jabra Elite Sport” is the regular BT connection used for music, calls etc. and the “Jabra Elite [SMART]” is the BTLE connection used for e.g. heart rate monitoring in a 3rd party app.
“Jabra Elite [SMART]” is not shown in the BT pairing list till the regular BT pairing has been finalized to avoid customers using the wrong one. cheers!
no idea - i need to check with the device team. this is an SDK forum. get back to ya asap!
in the meantime its worth checking our the new beta windows SDK about to released at the end of this month.
thanks for the feedback, we will submit to the team. cheers, iggy
hi, we have a node.js SDK for windows and mac solution launching end of this month. this should be what you need . it will be posted on NPM in a week or so. cheers, Iggy.
i just raised it with the team, get back on this asap! cheers, iggy.
i mean FULL range support for speak and evolve, we already support many of these devices already. the supported device list is in the documentation in the SDK package.
hi, yes! its on our backlog and we hope to have bluetooth speak support (and bluetooth evolve support) by the summer. many thanks for considering Jabra. cheers, iggy.
hi, this is a developer SDK support forum. for product support please go to: , thanks.
hi, for hardware support please go to they will be able to tell you if this is normal behavior and if there is anything that can be done to speed this up. thanks.
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