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We started implementing the new node.js sdk and it looks great.

But we are seeing very high cpu usage on windows as soon as any device is plugged in.
We see the same behavior if the device is plugged in via usb-cable or dongle (or even just dongle without connected headset).
We don't see this behavior on MacOS.

How to recreate:
Platform: Windows 10, electron 1.8.3
Device: Jabra EVOLVE 65 & Jabra LINK 360

Create a simple electron-app and add:

const createJabraApp = require('jabra');
const jabra = createJabraApp(/*appID*/);

Run app.
Attach jabra device.
See CPU-usage in activity monitor.

We are seeing about 30% cpu usage until we detach the device.

Below is console log file:

2018-03-07T08:30:55.863Z jabra plateformInfo: {"os":"win32","osarch":"x64","node":"8.2.1","v8":"","modules":"57","chrome":"59.0.3071.115","electron":"1.8.3"}
2018-03-07T08:30:55.863Z jabra platformLibraryLocation: isAsar:false isAsarUnpacked:false path:C:\Users\Briteback2\repos\electron-quick-start\node_modules\jabra\shared-lib\win64\libjabra.dll
2018-03-07T08:30:55.936Z jabra JabraConstructor-> appIDsmiliexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (removed)
2018-03-07T08:30:55.937Z jabra JabraConstructor-> Jabra_Initialize:true
2018-03-07T08:30:55.937Z jabra JabraConstructor-> JabraSDKVersion:
2018-03-07T08:30:58.239Z jabra onDeviceFirstScan
2018-03-07T08:31:10.903Z jabra onDeviceAttach-> deviceID:0 deviceName:Jabra LINK 360 ESN:1C48F9ED1E22 ErrorStatus:0(NoError)
2018-03-07T08:31:13.449Z jabra onDeviceAttach-> deviceID:1 deviceName:Jabra EVOLVE 65 ESN:501AA5210EAB ErrorStatus:0(NoError)
2018-03-07T08:31:13.450Z jabra onDeviceBtnPress-> deviceID:0 btnType:33(HeadsetConnection) bool:true
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