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Thanks, however I still don't think that's quite enough info for me to proceed.

I have no issue connecting / opening the device and getting a handle back.

Regarding your sample command:

"If using standard HID ... 2. write to device using open handled using device.write( [0x02, 0x04, 0x00] ). Note, first byte should be report id, it could change per device."

a few questions:

1- the first byte - 0x02 - should be the report id, it could change per device.

OK, so how do I know what value of report id I should be using for a given device?

2- what do 0x04 and 0x00 represent in this case

3- what does this command do, and how do I map it to

To ask another way, what data would I send in to device.write([]) to cause the 9540 phone to start ringing, and then stop?
What command would I issue to cause the device to go on/off mute?

When the device sends me a uint8array containing 4, 2, 0, how do I decode that using the information on this page:



I've been pulling my hair out trying to get 'node-hid' ( to communicate with a 9450 headset.

I can open the device and get back a handle. When I initiate events (say a hook flash) on the device I get back UInt8Array data with contents like [4, 4, 0], [4, 5 0]. I cannot figure out how to map that to the telephony page events, i.e. 0x20.

I'm attempting to start the device ringing by

const ringerOn = [ 0x0B, 0x09, 0x01]; // Telephony page, usage = ringer, 1 = ringer on

const numOnBytes = deviceHandle.write(ringerOn);
console.log(wrote ${ringerOn}, ringer on bytes: ${numOnBytes}`)

but nothing happens.

What's missing??
When I attempt to download Jabra SDK V2 for Mac, the file that is downloaded is 1.0.3292. Where can I retrieve the latest and greatest SDK for Mac, assuming the pre-release version is not ready for general use?

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