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Hi guys,

I adding Jabra support to our softphone. Currently I use Win SDK but I guess my question is general.
Jabra Dial 550 have "Redial" button. As well as "Call" button when user enters digits in idle state.
But I don't receive any notification when user push it.

Guess, I should do something additional to get notification?

Also, do anybody know good c++ example of SDK usage?
Thank you for quick answer.
Will it be the same API as Windows SDK?

I am asking because our Softphone (I am working for RingCentral, Inc) have to support both platforms.
And currently I am implement Jabra support. I should know may I code it just once or have to have separate code for Windows and Mac.
Hi Guys,

I am unable to download MacOS SDK with next message: "Access Denied. You do not have access to the page you requested."
I am abe to download all other SDKs for other platforms.

What is my option there?
Hi everyone,

I am new in Jabra development. So, my question may be stupid.
I am use Windows SDK from my c++ code.

This is order of API's calling:


Also, I added logging to

void ButtonInDataTranslatedFunc( unsigned short deviceID, Jabra_HidInput translatedInData, bool buttonInData )
Jabra::LogString( "Button event: " + ToString( translatedInData ) + " - " + ToString( buttonInData ) + "\n" );

Than I just pickup headset on my Jabra HANDSET 450.
After it I see in output:

Button event: OffHook - true
{"Action":"input","AppID":"Q/gYs3RCnsav7Eane7skmCgmzmzer0EDoHdHF/3/uRY=","Device Name":"Jabra HANDSET 450","ESN":"0320C64F00","EventName":"LED_OFF_HOOK","FW":"1.30.0","LocalTimeStamp":"09-10-2018 16:15:03","Pid":"101b","Seq.No":4,"Value":"1","Variant":"101b00-0a"}
Button event: OffHook - false
{"Action":"input","AppID":"Q/gYs3RCnsav7Eane7skmCgmzmzer0EDoHdHF/3/uRY=","Device Name":"Jabra HANDSET 450","ESN":"0320C64F00","EventName":"LED_OFF_HOOK","FW":"1.30.0","LocalTimeStamp":"09-10-2018 16:15:05","Pid":"101b","Seq.No":5,"Value":"0","Variant":"101b00-0a"}

What I did wrong? Or did not necessary step?
Note, Skype and C# example works just fine.

PS. Is there any C/C++ example of SDK usage? I found none.
Good day everyone,

I am new to Jabra development and asking to help start.
I am softphone developer and my next task is to support Jabra headsets.
Our Softphone is C++ application and we support Windows and MAC (OS X).
So, my question is: do Jabra has cross platform SDK? May be REST?
In other words: what is my best option to support Jabra from C++ cross platform application?
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