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Hi there.

After spendings hours to spit through posts, i still found no answer for my question.

Yesterday i bought me the Elite Active 65t after using a long time a Jabra Motion. I read the reviews and they were all excellent. I tried the earbuds with fitness and must say it was superb! Good sound and good stability. However there is one thing i am still wondering about and that is why in all these reviews never has been spoken about the automatic power off. This is what the manual says:

6.7 Auto power offTo conserve battery the right earbud willautomatically power off when it is out of rangeof your smartphone for 15 minutes and is not inthe charging case, or when it has been inactivefor 1 hour.The left earbud will automatically power offwhen it has not had a link with the right earbudfor 15 minutes and is not in the charging case.To power the earbuds on, place them in thecharging case, or hold the Multi-functionbutton on the right earbud, and/or the Volumedown button on the left earbud, until the LEDflashes

[b]But, suppose i am driving in my car for a long trip, for example two hours. In these period i won't listen to music, just use the Jabra earbuds for handsfree connectivity. So after an hour is will be powerded off automaticallu. Then after 90 minutes driving i got a phone call, what will happen then???? Will it awake automatically again then? If not this is very weird and would me in my opinion a big negative point of review

It is very strange that nobody has mentioned this in all those reviews and also not mentioned in the manuals. But in my opinion this is a very important thing!

Can someone give me an answer for this issue? Would be very appreciated!

With kind regards
JW smilie
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