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No problem, thanks for your help
Hi John,

I just had a look and unfortunately get the same issue (device write fail on the GetRemoteMmiv2Focus call) smilie

var test = _device.GetRemoteMmiv2Focus(type: RemoteMmiType.MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT, actions: new List<RemoteMmiInput>(), priority: RemoteMmiPriority.MMI_PRIORITY_NONE);

_device.SetRemoteMmiv2Action(RemoteMmiType.MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT, remoteMmiActionOutputInfo);

Can I call down to the unmanaged Dll somehow?


I installed the browser SDK / chrome extension and seem to be having the same issues. Onhold/ring etc work fine but when I try to setMMIFocus or setRemoteMmiLightAction I get "FileNotAccessible" error: 8

CommandError : Command setremotemmilightaction failed with error  message setremotemmilightaction and details:
 [["returnErrorCode",8],["errormsg","setremotemmilightaction failed"],

This is an unmanaged DLL so you need to manually add it to your bin/debug (or release) folder. You can view their contents using File explorer or clicking "show all files" from the solution explorer.
Thanks John, will be fun when it's working smilie
Hi John,

Are you talking about node JS? I'm using the .NET SDK. Unless node means something else!

Many thanks

I'm using the Jabra SDK with a WPF application - I'm getting most things to work but whenever I try to set the light colour I get a 'DeviceWriteFail' This is happening on the Demo application and my own version.

I'm testing it with a Jabra Engage 50 - maybe this device doesn't support colour changes?


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