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Can you confirm that there is a function which can "pick up" and "hang up" the receiver on the base?

IE - change this light from white to green, or green to white?

Like this?

I'm using the Jabra Pro 9450.

Yes I've opened that demo project but found it overwhealming since I haven't used VS in a long time (I most dabble in Auto-Hot-Key, and Home Assistant / YAML, but just using Visual Studio Code).

I found this which seems promising and possibly easier, but I'm still trying to do a proof of concept.

In both the Windows Demo App, and in the Chrome Integration, I can't find a command that changes this light from white to green ("pick up").

Really all I need is an EXE compiled which sends that one command, and another/separate EXE that sends the "hang up" command to go back to PC audio.
I'm trying to build a simple EXE that I can call from another app, which switches the Jabra base between PC Audio & Call Audio. Preferably I'd pass which mode I want to the exe as a parameter rather than a dumb-toggle.

I haven't used VS for a long time so finding it tedious. I've managed to add the Jabra SDK so far but nothing more.

Anyone willing to put together a sample project and send my way?
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