In 2013 the GN Group announced the Intelligent Headset research program, and in May 2014 launched the World’s 1st headset with integrated GPS, 9-axis Motion sensors, Spatial Audio and SDK’s for app developers.

Since then we have together with partners and developers worldwide explored opportunities with mobile applications and services taking advantage of this Hearable platform, incl. Tourist services with the Urban Explorer app; Educational programs with the Knowledge Explorer app and a soundscape web-creator for teachers; Immersive gaming with the ZombieX app; Spatial Audio telcos; 3D Music with the RockbandX and Venice Cathedral apps; Neck Trainer app for rehabilitation of neck injuries; Microsoft Cities Unlocked program for visually impaired; and the list goes on..

Jabra is now ending the trial, and will focus on taking the learnings into the future products planning and development. We are convinced that advanced sensors in Hearables and the new dimension of Spatial Audio can make people Hear More, Do More and Be More!

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the amazing people we have met and shared ideas with in this innovative journey.


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