The Jabra HID API provides methods and event notifications for integrating a Jabra device with a Google
Chrome App. The Jabra HID API is based on the chrome.hid API but provides a simpler and more highlevel
API for interacting with Jabra USB HID devices.
The API is a Javascript object that you can integrate into your Chrome Apps.

With the Jabra HID API you can link basic softphone call control operations to a Jabra device.
From a Chrome App you can perform these actions on a Jabra device:

  • Turn ring indication (visible and/or audible) on or off
  • Set the device off-hook, i.e. enter active call state
  • Set the device on-hook, i.e. enter idle state
  • Mute or unmute the microphone during an active call

Grab it from here:



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