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  • Forums Mute Button Disable
    Hi Maax, thanks for reaching out. We do not have C# related resources at the moment and furthermore do currently not have a SDK available for configuring/accessing product specific functions, such as mute. Can you please elaborate on your usage scenario and also which Jabra products you
  • Forums Hanging up when listening IHidTelephonyDevice events
    We are using Jabra PRO 450 in two different ways, it may be in telephone mode when it should communicate directly with SAP Merlin phone system or in pc-mode when we would like to handle the Hookswitch button events. The issue now is that when jabra is in telephone mode (default) and our
  • Forums Second headset disconnects on hangup
    We're using a Jabra Pro 9460 and we sometimes have two headsets paired with the same base station for training purposes. All computers are running an up-to-date Windows 10, and we're using the jabrawebsocketservice to control the base station. We have two variants of the same
  • Forums Exchange
    please go to, tx
  • Forums IH SDK on Windows
    Dear support, I was wondering if there are any plans for supporting Intelligent Headset SDK (and the device itself) on Windows OS? As far as I've noticed, current IH SDK is support on Android and iOS (but not Windows). Thanks, Marko Andrijevic
  • Forums Workout history
    Good question Colin. I will pass you to our support portal as they deal with product related issues; please proceed and report your incident via the support page Thank you. /Mehmet
  • Forums Demo application crash
    Hi Krzysztof, Can you please let me know if you have a different Jabra headset model you can use instead of the GN 2000 device? Im not sure whether the GN 2000 device is part of the supported devices with our new SDK, but at least application should not crash if not supported. Thanks.
  • Forums Controlling Jabra 710 volume from Host
    Hi Yan, thank you for the question. I expect to provide example code of the volume control and hope this will clarify the usage. Stay tuned. Thanks.
  • Forums EliteSport
    Excuse ME, I am curious about the heart rate data transmitted by the Elite Sport headset. Is it average heart rate, beat-to-beat heart rate, or interbeat interval? If the latter, what is the temporal resolution in msec? What is Bluetooth data transfer protocol. Thank U.
  • Forums Jabra Evolve 80 UC with Innovaphone Softphone
    Hi Christian, I think there is something wrong in the signaling since you need to press twice to enable e.g. busy light. I will direct your attention towards our USB HID specification, which can be found here: <a