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  • Forums miss my topic "long-audio-delay-after-restart-of-jabra-pro-930-by-usb-host"
    Hi Joachim, We have been updating the developer portal, and in this update we had some problems with the forum. This should all be solved now, and your thread with all replies should be here:
  • Forums Kernel supportted
    Hi Natascha, yes kernel update is required. I can provide to you 'off-line' if you are interested. thanks Mehmet
  • Forums Heart Rate Data in Elite Sport
    Hello, I am curious about the heart rate data transmitted by the Elite Sport headset. Is it average heart rate, beat-to-beat heart rate, or interbeat interval? If the latter, what is the temporal resolution in msec? Thanks
  • Forums SetRinger blocks headset sound
    Hi Lars, sorry for the long delay. In short the correct command to transmit ringtone to the headset should be via the SetRinger=true command. Can you please inform the FW version of the Link 360 dongle which is bonded with the Evolve 65 headset? We recently observed a bug in current FW
  • Forums Sport Pulse Wireless
    +1; I'm also looking into developing (on Windows Universal) against the Sport Pulse.
  • Forums how can i get corresponding call back when i click mute button on jabra device
    Hi Roland, can you please let me know which SDK you are working with? I suggest you try downloading one of the Demo tools we have available in the Windows Demo Apps section. In there you can try to trigger mute command and cross-check the output. thank you and let me know if you need
  • Forums Deadlock in JabraHidTelephonyApi.dll
    I just noticed that there is a "new" SDK v3.1.13407. Before I used SDK v3.0. Since I have updated my SoftPhone project to the new SDK, I get deadlocks when calling SetHookState or SetRinger I tested with Jabra Evolve Link 80, Firmware 3.0.0 (Value Pack 2) Same with Jabra Pro
  • Forums Sending email through windows hosting?
    I've windows hosting with then i want to create a email sending simple web service in Windows hosting in a file like mailer.asp as following mailer.php does in php environment. Gets 3 variables and sends
  • Forums Long audio delay after restart of Jabra PRO 930 by USB Host
    Hi Joachim, can you please share the FW version of the Pro 930? - or please try updating it to latest version and retry. You can do so by installing Jabra Direct on a Windows machine and connect the headset. Look forward to hear from you. /Mehmet
  • Forums GN1000 Lifter Controls
    First off I work in the Land Mobile Radio Market with Motorola LMR products. Motorola builds a computer based radio dispatch console(MIP5000) and provides a dispatch/call center headset jackbox(MIP5000 Advanced Jackbox) using a PJ7 plug style. The software allow for a phone interface