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  • Forums Crash in JabraNativeHid.dll
    Hi Mehmet, Sorry for the delay(holidays). The problem is still occurring with the latest DLL. Offsets are slightly different. <pre><code>//Error Occurred At [2017/01/04 14:34:39] Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION Fault address: 7716EB83 01:0003EB83
  • Forums remote switch events
    Hi, thanks, im not sure i fully understand the usage scenarios. Can you please elaborate on which function you want added and is it device specific? Look forward to hear from you. Thanks Mehmet
  • Forums Windows 10 Universal Apps
    Hi Martin, thank you for your question and interest. I will pass your query to our product management team for evaluation and planning purposes. Let me return to you once more info can be provided. Thanks. Mehmet
  • Forums IHS Framework Updates
    Regarding the move to Swift, I converted the Connect X example to have a starting point for Swift projects. Do you want a copy of that or can I put it on github? One thing I wondered: why is there a TLS exception added for in the project settings?
  • Forums Device Serial No.
    Thanks Mehmet for reply, We are using .NET SDK V.3.1 to get serial no. Our purpose is to create one report on devices which are used in our infra for asset management. Thanks and look forward to hear from you. Abhishek Shukla
  • Forums Jabra_WriteHIDCommand question
    Is it possible to query or set the volume of a Jabra Speak 410 through the Jabra_WriteHIDCommand function?
  • Forums Language Control
    Hi! Just bought my Jabra Stone 3 with German language on it. Anybody can help change the language from German to English? Thank you
  • Forums Please help me
    Hi I bought stone 3 before 8 months and I have noise when I put it in my ear so could you help me in that my
  • Forums Mac OS library update issue
    Hi again mGoyal, There's no version of deviceInfo.isBTPaired in the new library, but you you can try to get the name of the BT connected device. I null is returned, then it is not paired. Something like below. Will this solve your problem? [code]bool isBTConnected(const
  • Forums macOS M1/ARM64 build - probability and lead time request
    Hi James, We're investigating what the effort will be to support Apple's new processors natively. Once that is clarified we'll add it to our roadmap and I'll be able to give you an expected release date. Jesper