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  • Forums When is the SDK update for macOS Big Sur expected to be available
    Oh great! Sorry, my bad for not reading the release notes carefully enough - my assumption lead me straight to the problem description, skipping the part about it being fixed ?
  • Forums Crash when using 64-bit version of JabraNativeHid.dll
    I don't have a version of the 9450. Could you give me your email so I can send you the files? You should be able to see my email in your system... /Mathias
  • Forums Jabra .NET and Jabra Link 30
    The headset is a Jabra PRO 920 (for desktop phone) and is then connected to Jabra Link 30. If the support can be added to Jabra .NET SDK, that will be really great, and will help us make our customer happy :-)
  • Forums Sending “Off Hook” using AppleScript or manually?
    [quote]I am using a WebRTC on macOS with Engage 75 and was wondering if it is possible to control aspects of the headset using AppleScript (or Automator), specifically “Off Hook” so I can fire it whenever I am on call for the purpose of handling other incoming calls from a mobile device
  • Forums Headset not detected
    Hi Richard, can you please re-check this item on the latest available WebSocket SDK V1.1.13279 and let me know whether issue persists? Thanks Mehmet
  • Forums NFC & 2 devices connection issue (Jabra Stealth)
    Hi Andy, thanks for reaching out, please address product related items to below portal; <a href="">Support</a> thanks Mehmet
  • Forums DeviceService device scanning slow
    Sorry for the delayed update! What we found out, that the problem occurs when JabraDirect (or the SDK) is not able to access the internet (company firewall rules) and some of the devices are new/unknown for JabraDirect. Obviously there is a local cache (device images, etc...) which is
  • Forums Jabra PRO 9470 with Windows 10
    Hi Mehmet, Our product is using 1.2.10221.0, but the Jabra Native HID API Test program I used to get the above traces was the latest(1.3.1228.0). I upgraded the firmware on the 9470 to the latest version, and the issue still exists. I also seem to have the same issue with a Jabra 900
  • Forums Stream music from smartphone and control Jabra from SW
    Hi Mehmet, Thank you for you reply. Noam.
  • Forums Websockets desk phone connection
    Is it possible to use the websockets API to connect to Jabra PRO through to a desk phone? The sdk demo connects to the Jabra headset ok and I can send commands, but I'm not able to answer incoming calls to the desk phone with these commands. Any help?