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  • Forums Websocket NotOk no active device
    good to hear :-)
  • Forums SDK Build on Red Hat
    [quote]Is it really looking for SSL 1.0.0? [/quote] Yes, I'm afraid it is. The dev team tells me it's quite likely a depency from libcurl, which is statically linked into the library. The library has been tested and verified on Ubuntu LTS 16.04 and 18.04 - this is what we pt
  • Forums Noise Guide connection
    Hi, Is it possible to connect to the « Noise Guide » device using SDK ? My device is not detected :( Thanks, Jeff
  • Forums Jabra Biz 2400 II
    Hello, I am working with the Call Center Software and it appears that when I use the Jabra Biz 2400 II my preview beep is not working. However I have tried other headsets and works perfectly fine. Also for note I have also tried the Jabra Evolve 80 and the beep is present. My team is
  • Forums IHS: Safest Android device to develop on?
    Hi, I was wondering, OS version aside, if there was an 'ideal' handset with no reported gotchas / issues for IHS? Thanks
  • Forums Jabra Pro 930 / WHB003 causes snd_usb_audio modprobe to hang for 100 seconds
    Hi Alexander, we tried Pro 930 version 2.23.0 and was not able to reproduce observation on below environments. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - kernel 3.19.8-ckt13 SUSE Leap 42.1 64 bit - kernel 4.6.0-RC5 Can you please inform firmware version on the pro 930 and also state which other products you
  • Forums JABRA Jawbone headset?
    Would you be able to direct me towards the proper company? I have searched without success.
  • Forums Hanging Up - OnButtonInput Event Firing Only After Multiple Presses
    Hi Mary, can you let me know which Jabra products are affected by this observation and also if you can reproduce this with the demo application included in the SDK? Please remember to acknowledge state transitions e.g. if incoming call is answered from headset, you need to return by
  • Forums Off-hook command gives unexpected response
    Hi Mike, the planning and scheduling of our SDK activities are not yet finalized. Please feel free to send your app details/timeline and potential to Look forward to hear from you. Regards Mehmet
  • Forums Jabra Evolve 30 II
    Hiya! My mother's work recently gave me a pair of headphones (Jabra Evolve 30 II). When I use the 3.5 aux plug (without the desk button bit) it works fine, but no mic (my laptop has separated input and output ports), and when I try to use the USB port, I can select the headphones for