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  • Forums HIDAPI test application does not show any input 9460
    Hi Mehmet, I have a Jabra Pro 930 MS and it reports some events (off hook, flash, mute). Is there any known issue related to this model with the latest firmware 2.23? Can you please share the expected release date for the new firmware for Jabra Pro 9400 series? If the date is not known
  • Forums The Jabra WebSocket Service SDK
    check out our GITHUB presence guys, it has all the browser options and so does our NPM site
  • Forums Search function in forum - content
    Hello, The search function in Jabra developer forum seems to be searching in forum titles only. This has quite limited usefulness. Would it be possible to search in posts content as well? Thanks and Regards, Lukas
  • Forums Jabra Evolve 65e & tegsoft I can't accept calls
    Hello, I use tegsoft software in my office. I cannot accept the call over the Jabra evolve 65e. I have to accept the call with the mouse on every call. Volume up / down and microphone mute functions on Windows 10 operating system. But the accept call button does not work. I do not see any
  • Forums JABRA .NET SDK in 64-bit version?
    Hi Thomas, our .NET SDK is now available in 64 bit mode as well. Check it out in the windows section and let us know if you have any feedback. thanks. Mehmet
  • Forums Managing multiple calls with Jabra devices
    Hello, We're using the new Jabra node SDK (2.0.0) in an Electron application. Here's the use case: * User with 2 softphone apps on the desktop * Jabra device connected on the computer * Jabra device detected by both apps Is there a way to solve the following
  • Forums Using Jabra Windows SDK in UWP app
    Can anyone advise me how I can use Jabra Windows SDK in Universal Windows Platform app (UWP app for Windows 10)? Now I cannot use the SDK directly in UWP project because the SDK only supports .NET Framework while UWP app requires .NET Standard/Core libraries. I think there should be
  • Forums AvailableDevices
    Hi, I'm unable to retrieve a list of available Jabra devices using the IDeviceService. In our code, the command below always returns zero AvailableDevices. However, it successfully returns the list of connected devices in your sample SoftPhone. Private DeviceService As
  • Forums IHS not reacting, frozen
    Hi Mehmet, thanks for the pointer. However, the main Jabra support site does not know about the Intelligent Headset (it is not in the list of devices which one has to select to file a support request). It turns out, contacting support at worked
  • Forums New Release Dates for the windows SDK available?
    I am being advised that the new releases now will be mid november 2019. appologies for the delay. jabra has been re-writing much of the core library to make our SDKs better and its taken a little longer than we thought.