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  • Forums sdk receiving raw and traslated headset events from other vendors
    Plantronics, Sennheiser from libjabra.dll. This is an utter mess. Why can't the jabra sdk handle just the jabra headsets like it did in an earlier version?
  • Forums sdk headsets of other vendors also reported by JabraDeviceAttachedFunc, FirstScanDone
    Is this a bug or a feature? If it is a feature where are the benefits of having a device signalled that cannot be operated in any way through the Jabra interface?
  • Forums Yocto build
    Hi everyone Did any of you get a Yocto build with libjabra working? I'm working right now on Yocto branch 'thud' and I'm struggling with the libssl and libcrypto (openssl) versions. thud still supports openssl10, but I only get the newest version (1.0.2) or with
  • Forums IHS: Buttons continued...
    Thanks for explaining, much appreciated on the old IHS forum! Now, to the Android side regarding registering button pushes with and without cable: 1. Android button implementation working? From “buttonSupportLevelChanged” I get “LIMITED”, which means only button on the cable works
    Any update on this? SDK for Mac was just released, but doesn't include neither WebSocket integration, nor general Ring support.
  • Forums Disable ringtone while "ringing"
    yes - you can disable the ring tone. if you check out the windows SDK there is a demo included which shows how to do it. unfortunately the demo is not included with the node.js SDK, we are looking to fix this in the next release.
  • Forums jabra hid - translating raw data
    Good to hear. Of course we're interested in multiplatform sdk version but only when api will support raw (not translated) input/output too.
  • Forums JabraUsbHidTelephonySDK_v3.0 compatible Jabra Motion??
    Hi! Is it sopported by JabraUsbHidTelephonySDK_v3.0 the following models : -Jabra Motion Series -Jabra Stealth Series -Jabra Storm Series I´m currenly using the model Jabra Evolve 30 for testing the application. Thanks.
  • Forums Windows Lib folder contents questions
    Hi, the documentation for the new windows SDK is incorrect. It has not been updated. We are rectifying the situation asap. yes, its the latter. The documentation is wrong. We are fixing ASAP. Thanks for you patience.
  • Forums Speak 810 Initiate Call
    I'm working on communicating with the Jabra Speak 810 using Windows RT HID APIs. Everything works as expected, except I never get "Unmute" reports from the device unless it is in a call (using Skype for Business). What is the sequence of events that need to occur for the