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  • Forums MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT - Remote MMI - Jabra Engage 50
    (and no, the SDK demo for Windows currently does not do that correctly) The C API supports this, the trick is that you’ll need to get focus on BusyLight first: Jabra_ReturnCode res = Jabra_GetRemoteMmiFocus(deviceNo, RemoteMmiType::MMI_TYPE_BUSYLIGHT,
  • Forums Detect Answer/Call Button of Jabra Headset
    > Yes, It's a two years issue you still haven't answered. Ok.But you also have a ticket in the support system registered with a lot more information exchanged. I will re-open that ticket and continue the support dialogue there. (We can update this thread once we found
  • Forums Mute and GetState
    Hi Richard, i suppose your question concerns the WebSocket SDK? Is it possible for you to use the WebSocketTestClient and try out the scenario and provide a screen shot to me if reproducible? thanks.
  • Forums "Only works if hosted under https" -- line 1080 @ jabra.browser.interation-2.0.js
    hi guys, sorry for the delay - i've pinged our browser development team, should have a reply this week.
  • Forums Plantronics Co-existance with Jabra SDK v1.4.0.10
    Do you know when the next release of the Jabra Windows SDK will be available? This bug is stopping me from taking a version of the Windows SDK with the fix for the high CPU usage in. Thanks Ed
  • Forums Disconnecting and connecting device can cause crash in v1.4.0.10
    I have already reported this issue as a bug (Ticket 90). Wolfgang
  • Forums Control Jabra 410 from Raspberry
    It is not possible at the moment. Because there is not yet official SDK on ARM released :( We can just cross fingers. I already create ticket about Linux ARM support about year ago, but with no luck
  • Forums Windows 10 Universal Apps
    Hi currently the .Net API target .Net Framework. There seems to be no version available with targets .Net Core, so that it could be used in Windows 10 Universal apps. When will a version be available which supports this
  • Forums Secure websocket
    Hi Richard, let me see if we can prepare a step by step procedure for your purpose. Stay tuned for an update (within a weeks time). Thanks. Regards Mehmet
  • Forums JabraNativeHid HID commands
    Hi, Is it possible to have an example of sending HID commands with the API, in Linux? It should be an URL as https://..... but I need help to know what exactly. Any help would be very appreciated. BR, Emil Radu