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  • Forums Race condition SetHookState vs. ButtonInput
    i just raised it with the team, get back on this asap! cheers, iggy.
  • Forums Jabra Handset 450 Off Hook delay.
    I am testing our product with a 450 Handset, using the Native API. I am seeing a delay of 1-2 seconds between the time the handset is taken offhook until the receipt of the OffHook message. Sequence is simple. Receive incoming call, set the ringer on and immediately receive the Online
  • Forums Jabra SDK for ARM
    hi sergey, thanks for the feedback - we will look into how we can try and support this. cheers! iggy.
  • Forums Jabra Sport Pulse
    Hi Thomas, feel free to address your query to Please also elaborate on what is currently missing, and usage of the pulse headset. Thanks Mehmet
  • Forums SDK equalizer and sidetone
    hi there, eq levels are normally handled by the OS, but with some devices there is more scope, such as sidetone adjustment and bass/mid/treble, please consult the SDK documentation for exact details of what is possible for each device. cheers!
  • Forums Jabra Evolve 65 UC Hook switch on double click
    Hi, You describe the expected functionality, and is aligned with the specification for E65 in idle state. Action for button tap in idle state is not configurable, and it is thus not possible to configure E65 to send hook switch in idle mode when tap’ing the button. thanks, iggy.
  • Forums Jabra Elite Sport Heart Rate App
    hi, unfortunately the Elite Sport HRT feature is only available on Android at the moment. Hope this helps. cheers, Iggy.
  • Forums Jabra CC Agent App?
    Hi, the Jabra Dev Zone is a developer resource. Please contact!/ for support on in market products, such as the Cisco Finesss App. Many thanks for choosing Jabra.
  • Forums Jabra pro 9470 mute
    yup - we are on it! thanks for using Jabra SDKs!
  • Forums not able to query hookstate via the hiddev demo
    hi, have you uploaded / checked you got the latest firmware to the device? you can do this by using Jabra Direct downloaded from here : i would start there - and if you still have the issue - start a support thread on github itself.