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Imagine what Pokemon GO would be with Spatial Audio.. A natural immersive soundscape to help you track Pokemons by direction and distance..

That is what a cool group of teenagers thought, and made a video to pitch the idea. Find the link to the video below,

and more news regarding the Jabra Intelligent Headset – the World’s first headset prepared for Spatial Audio.

AR/VR is finally going mobile with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Microsoft Hololens and more innovative devices. Jabra Intelligent Headset enables Audio AR, and all built into a quality headset, which you already use daily. It is not a gadget, it is simply.. One Headset – Many Apps!
It is easy to get started as a developer. The SDK/API comes with sample apps and a 3D emulator of the Intelligent headset.

We reward every app released with a free Sales Pack of the Intelligent Headset, and an option for co-marketing, too.



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Spatial Audio released on mobile platforms!

Microsoft Build, March 2016, introduced Spatial Audio to developers on all Microsoft platforms, PC, Mobile and Xbox. They even used Jabra Intelligent Headset to demo their developer platform. Just wait and see how this will enable a new level of sound experience in many types of applications.

Likewise the Google VR comes with a Spatial Audio engine, and Unity has supported it for some time. To fully leverage Spatial Audio you need a headset with a head-tracking sensor – and the Jabra Intelligent Headset is still the only headset available on the market today.


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Spatial Audio in Location-Based Games!

Location-based applications have existed for some years now, like the Geocaching where you search for
hidden treasures in nature. People who have try it, enjoy getting out and exploring new locations, and
meeting people on the tracks. The Pokemon Go is basically the same, and opened the eyes of many people
with the revolutionary introduction this July. It comes with a cute implementation of visual AR of the
Pokemons on the screen, but really doesn’t leverage the potential of AR – especially not the audio part.

A cool group of teenagers even made a video to show how 3D sounds could make it more fun to track the
Pokemons. Check it out here: Youtube video link


The ZombieX demo app for the Intelligent Headset, has some of the same features, as it creates a 3D
soundscape of zombies slowly closing in on you, and you have to face them and shoot them, before they
reach you. Imagine this game on global scale, like the Pokemon GO, and you could have a truly scary walk in
the park.  🙂


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Application story: “Unity plugin”

In last newsletter we told the application story about “Cities Unlocked” with Microsoft and
Guide Dogs UK, developing a mobile application for visually impaired, which aims at
becoming an assistive technology, used alongside guide dogs and long canes. We were humbled
to see Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, in his closing speech at Future Decoded in London, present
the video from Cities Unlocked featuring the Jabra Intelligent Headset.

This time we want to share a new offering for app developers, who are familiar with one of the
most recognized development platforms: Unity.

medumlogoaweorangeDeveloped by the start-up company AWE, who are specialists in Audio Augmented Reality solutions,
and based on the standard SDK’s (iOS and Android) for the Intelligent Headset on, you can now
download plug-ins for Unity, or even get the full source code for the Unity plug-in.
Unity support has been requested by several developers, especially at hackathons, because it comes
already with a 3D environment and therefor facilitates Augmented Reality applications. So we are
thankful to AWE, if you work with Unity, we recommend you give this plug-in a try!


More info: Links to AWE website with Unity plug-ins


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On behalf of the Intelligent Headset team,






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