News: Jabra IOS SDK V2 (August 2017).

The Jabra iOS SDK provides access to many device features and APIs.  Product images can be displayed in your application, settings are used to let your users control the settings of the connected Jabra device.  If you are writing a softphone app, the iOS Call Kit ( has support for using buttons on the Jabra device to accept/reject a call.

Data for product images and settings are provided by the SDK accessing our servers, always using the latest information. This means that you can expect new Jabra devices to be supported ‘automatically’, without having to use an updated SDK, or releasing a new version of your app.

Jabra iOS SDK V2 is a framework, which provides interfaces to the following functionalities in Jabra devices:

  • Device settings: To view and change settings
  • Device info: To get serial number, firmware version, battery status and name
  • Factory reset: To set all settings to default values

Download here:



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