The device guru’s @ Jabra are adding cool features to our products to make your applications even better. Programmable buttons and proximity detectors in Jabra devices allow you to launch apps, automatically transfer audio from device to device, lock screens, log-out and/or toggle presence or availability. Unique Identifier Technology (UIT) identifies a specific Jabra device and can be used to kick off a warranty timer, pin point audio problems and enable device usage logging.

Let us know if you have used an advanced feature of a Jabra device and we’ll post it here.

Quiet Zone with Jabra Evolve and Cisco Spark

With New Ways of Working being a reality in offices today, the Jabra Evolve headsets help stay concentrated in noise environements.
Most collaboration application have features to indicate which state you are working in. “Ready to collaborate” or “Deep in work” are two modes being essential.
Cisco SPARK recently introduced a Do Not Disturb (DND) feature to signal your work mode. With Jabra Evolve 80, this state can now be extended and shown to your immediate working environment.

This small demo application show you how the Cisco Spark People API can be accessed, and how the presence indicator on Jabra Evolve 80 can be lid up accordingly. All build on top of the Jabra .NET SDK.
All source available on GitHub (link) – Happy coding!

If you are really eager to just try it out – go ahead and download the compiled demo app ( Jabra Evolve Busy w Cisco Spark DnD)


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