The BlueParrott SDK provides developer access to the programmable BlueParrott Button™ and other functions of compatible headsets.

Typical uses of the BlueParrott SDK are:

  • Push to Talk and Voice Messaging Applications, where recording is triggered by pressing the BlueParrott Button
  • Voice Recognition and custom Voice Assistant applications, where the Voice Assistant is triggered by tapping the BlueParrott button
  • Other Enterprise Applications, where custom features can be triggered based on one or more button event


The SDK provides following functionality:

  • BlueParrott Button configuration
  • Automatic configuration of the BlueParrott Button for use with an application
  • Support for foreground and/or background control within an application
  • Access to sensor data
  • Headset firmware version
  • Headset Configuration

This functionality requires compatible BlueParrott devices.

BlueParrott Button

The BlueParrott Button can be configured for up to five Events:

  • Press (for example to start a Push to Talk Call)
  • Release (for example to end a Push to Talk Call)
  • Single Tap (to invoke a voice recognition or other enterprise application)
  • Double Tap
  • Long Press

Each of these states is addressable for individual functions within a mobile application. To increase the overall utility of integration, functionality can be either limited to when the application is in the foreground or extended to offer background access as well.

SDK Content

There are two different versions of BlueParrott SDK:

  • BlueParrott SDK for Android
  • BlueParrott SDK for iOS

The SDK contains (for both Android and iOS):

  • SDK Library
  • Example test application to show connectivity and connected device BlueParrott Button state
  • Notes and documentation.

Only the SDK for Android contains:

  • Example test application to additionally show foreground and background processing and utilise audio.

Note: Audio recording and playback are generally not part of the BlueParrott SDK. However, some considerations for audio applications are discussed with reference to the sample application under Advanced Android Integration.


This table shows headset compatibility for the latest version of BlueParrott SDK.

Headset Standard Headset Configuration Proximity (Sensor 1) Firmware Version
M300-XT Yes Yes No Yes
B350-XT Yes No No No
B350-XT II Yes Yes No No
B450-XT Yes No No No
B450-XT II Yes Yes No Yes
B550-XT Yes From v1.33 From v1.34 From v1.34
C300-XT Yes From v1.19 From v1.21 From v1.21
C400-XT Yes From v2.01 No No
S450-XT Yes No No No
Reveal Pro Yes No No No

Supported Operating Systems

BlueParrott SDK for Android SDK supports:

  • Android (version 4.4 or higher)

Capabilities of the SDK vary depending on the Android version:

  • Android 4.4 – SDK supports integration with the BlueParrott B550-XT only
  • Android 5 and greater – SDK supports integration with all compatible headsets


Name Version Last Updated Link
BlueParrott SDK for Android 4.1.01 Mar 2022 Download SDK
BlueParrott SDK for Android 4.1.01 Mar 2022 Download SDK
BlueParrott SDK for Android 4.0.02 Dec 2020 Download SDK
BlueParrott SDK for Android Dec 2019 Download SDK
BlueParrott SDK for Android 3.1.06 Aug 2018 Download SDK