Android TroubleShooting

First Steps

Following steps should be performed first in troubleshooting:

  • Remove all applications using the SDK from your test device
  • Ensure that you are using a supported Operating system (see the relevant 'Including the SDK' section above)
  • Check the Trouble shooting steps above
  • Install one of the demonstration apps and check that they are failing to connect/function correctly. If they are functioning, compare your code to the sample code.

Note: When reporting an error to Support, provide a screenshot of the connection attempt in the sample app. You should also take a screenshot of the Bluetooth screen in the Settings app so that the current connectivity state of the headset is shown.

Failure to Connect to BlueParrott Button

  • Is Headset Connected (check Bluetooth Settings to see that headset is paired and connected)
  • Have you granted necessary Permissions. Check the sample Apps to see the permissions required. Note that for target 27 or greater on Android, your users will need to be prompted to grant Location Permission (this is a feature of BLE implementation on Android)
  • Is Headset in range - ensure that the headset is close enough to the handset to connect to the BlueParrott Button
  • is the BlueParrott Button connected to another headset. The BlueParrott Button can only be used with one headset at a time, and if connected on another handset, your application will not be able to connect.
  • Uninstall any other app that may be trying to connect (e.g. consumer BlueParrott App, other demo apps). Or disable connection in the settings of the other application

Button Event not firing

  • If you have successfully connected, but your BPHeadsetListener is not receiving events, check that the headset is in SDK mode
  • has your application updated the mode by calling enableSDK(). You can check for successful updates via the onModeUpdate() event.
  • Have you added a listener? You must create your listener object and add it by calling the addListener method.

Further Steps

When developing and engaging in a lot of connects, disconnects, the Android stack may become unstable and orphan connections may remain. It may be necessary to restart the BlueParrott headset and/or your handset.