iOS Trouble Shooting

First Steps

Following steps should be performed first in troubleshooting:

  • Remove all applications using the SDK from your test device
  • Ensure that you are using a supported Operating system (see the relevant 'Including the SDK' section above)
  • Check the Trouble shooting steps above
  • Install one of the demonstration apps and check that they are failing to connect/function correctly. If they are functioning, compare your code to the sample code.

Note: When reporting an error to Support, provide a screenshot of the connection attempt in the sample app. You should also take a screenshot of the Bluetooth screen in the Settings app so that the current connectivity state of the headset is shown.

Failure to Connect to BlueParrott Button

  • If the connect is failing, make sure the BlueParrott app is not also installed on the same phone.
  • When the headset connects, it will request to bond with the phone. This request should be allowed or the headset will disconnect BLE
  • Ensure that only 1 headset is powered on and within range of the app during development/testing.
  • Ensure that only 1 instance of your app is running on one device at a time while testing to avoid multiple apps discovering and attempting to connect to a single headset.

Button Event not firing

  • If you have successfully connected, but your BPHeadsetListener is not receiving events, check that the headset is in SDK mode
  • has your application updated the mode by calling enableSDK on the headset object. You can check for successful updates via the onModeUpdate callback.
  • Have you added a listener? You must create your listener object and add it by calling the addListener method on the headset.