2 Initializing the Jabra library

2.1 Installing the library package

A prerequisite to importing and initializing the Jabra library modules is to install the Jabra NuGet package in your development environment.

  • In the Package Manager Console, use the Install-Package PowerShell command to install the Jabra.NET.Sdk library package.

2.1.1 Copying sub-components to your project

You must only copy sub-components to your project if you are using the .NET framework.

After you install the library package, some utilities used by the package will show up in your project structure. In particular, your project will now list the contents of Jabra.Utilities/DeviceConnector.

This platform-specific utility is needed to initialize the Jabra library and contains the low-level device connector, providing communication with Jabra devices.

All files contained within the utility must be copied to the output directory every time you build your project. However, be aware that you can automate this process in Microsoft Visual Studio as follows:

  • In Microsoft Visual Studio, select the contents of the utility and set the "Copy to Output Directory" property to "Copy always" or "Copy if newer" as shown in the screenshot below.

    Package installation settings

To verify this step, when you build your application, your Output/bin folder must contain the DeviceConnector folder.