Docs: Jabra SDK for macOS 1.10.1

Revision History

Revision Date Description
5.4 2021-06-30 Updated APIs and supported devices list
5.3 2021-05-17 Added new APIs
5.2 2021-02-18 Updated interfaces, features and device list
5.1 2020-03-31 Updated API list and supported devices list.
5.0 2019-11-08 Update API list.
4.9 2019-10-07 Updated supported device list.
4.8 2019-09-27 Added new APIs. Updated supported device list.
4.7 2019-08-16 Modified for Mac OS X
4.6 2019-07-12 Deprecated GetSerialNumber and GetWarrantyEndDate API's
4.5 2019-05-24 Updated library interfaces for firmware update API's
4.4 2018-11-15 Updated library interfaces
4.3 2018-09-27 Removed load and save settings interfaces
4.2 2018-09-25 Updated library interfaces - Removed lock references
4.1 2018-04-12 Updated library interfaces
4.0 2017-12-12 Updated library interfaces
3.0 2017-11-10 Updated features of dongle & child separation and Firmware Updater download from cloud.
2.0 2017-08-24 Updated features for Save & Load Setting, Logging and Firmware Updater.
1.0 2017-05-09 Initial Draft


Jabra SDK V2 is a dynamic library (dylib), provides interfaces to perform below functionalities in Jabra devices:

  • Device Settings: Allows the user to view and change settings of the attached Jabra devices
  • Remote Call control (RCC): Allows user to perform remote call control functionalities
    • Get and set HID reports to and from the attached Jabra device
    • Acquire and release device call locks
    • Answer and End
    • Mute and Unmute Call
    • Ring indication
    • Hold and Resume Call
    • Manual Audio
  • Get device serial number, battery status if supported by the device
  • Button configuration (button takeover and remote MMI)
  • Child device support with Link360, Link370
  • Busy light indication
  • Concurrency support for multiple applications of SDK
  • Co-existence with Jabra Direct Online
  • Device events logging
  • Device firmware update

The SDK is built as a C++ dynamic library with C interfaces.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Acronym Description
API Application Programming Interface
DYLIB Dynamic Linked Library
HID Human Interface Device
SDK Software Development Kit
IDE Integrated Development Environment
USB Universal Serial Bus
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
WPF Windows Presentation Foundation
RCC Remote Call Control
MMI Man Machine Interface
FWU Firmware Updater
RMMI Remote Man Machine Interface

SDK Installation

SDK Mac release package would consist of the following directories:

  • Demo - Demo application and it's source code
  • Library - static and dynamic libraries required for development and header files
  • Doc - user guide and release notes
  • Wrapper - Objective-C Wrapper framework and documentation
  • readme text file

The directories contain following assets:

Assets Description
readme.txt Provides information on Jabra SDK V2
Doc/SDK User Guide.html User Guide and API documentation
Doc/ReleaseNotes.txt Release information and supported devices list
Library/libjabra.dylib Jabra SDK dynamic library for platform (x86 and x64)
Library/libjabra.a Static library for platform (x86 and x64)
Library/Headers/JabraNativeHid.h Header file defining the RCC APIs
Library/Headers/JabraDeviceConfig.h Header file defining the dynamic setting APIs
Library/Headers/Common.h Header file defining the common interfaces used across Jabra SDK V2
library/headers/Interface_*.h Header file(s) containing interfaces related to a specific feature.
Library/Headers/ Include file defining the Return codes
Library/Headers/ Include file defining the Error codes
Demo/Jabra SDK Demo Demo application
Demo/Source Demo application source code
Wrapper/JabraSDK.framework Objective-C Wrapper framework for Mac
Wrapper/Documentation/Docs/index.html Jazzy generated Wrapper API documentation

Supported Jabra Devices

See the release note include in the SDK package for an updated list of supported devices.


The prerequisites for the SDK are:

  • Curl libraries

Developing application Using Jabra SDK V2

System requirements

  • Mac OS X : 10.14.x (Applications can be deployed from 10.12.x to 10.15.x and 11.01/11.02)
  • Xcode : 10.3/11
  • Network (Internet) connection