Library Interfaces

Common.h: Common interfaces for device

API Name Description
Jabra_GetVersion Gets the version of the SDK library
Jabra_SetAppID Application should set the application name using this interface. The Client ID/App ID must be obtained by registering to Jabra portal by App developers. This is a mandatory step, which needs to be done before initialization, failing which, callbacks will not be registered with SDK
Jabra_InitializeV2 Initializes the Jabra library. Argument details to the function are described here: Library Initialization.
Jabra_Uninitialize Performs library memory cleanup
Jabra_IsFirstScanForDevicesDone Checks if device scan during initialization is done. It is recommended to register for the corresponding callback during initialization
Jabra_IsDeviceAttached Checks if a device is attached. It is recommended to register for the corresponding callback during initialization
Jabra_GetAttachedJabraDevices Gets the list of attached Jabra devices
Jabra_GetBatteryStatus Queries the current battery status with info of charging state and low battery indication. Only supported by devices with a battery
Jabra_GetDeviceImagePath Gets the attached device image path. The image is provided by Jabra Cloud service (and stored in the device’s local directory) and hence requires network access for the first time
Jabra_GetDeviceImageThumbnailPath Gets the device thumbnail image. The image is provided by Jabra cloud service (and stored in the device’s local directory) and hence requires network access for the first time
Jabra_FreeDeviceInfo Frees the device information structure members. This is called right after handling device attach event by the application
Jabra_ConnectToJabraApplication Integrates softphone app to Jabra applications like Jabra Direct (JD)
Jabra_DisconnectFromJabraApplication Disconnects the Jabra SDK application from Jabra Direct
Jabra_SetSoftphoneReady Sets the softphone to ready
Jabra_IsSoftphoneInFocus Indicates whether the softphone is in focus
Jabra_GetErrorString Returns the error string from the error status
Jabra_IsBusylightSupported Checks if busylight is supported by the device
Jabra_GetBusylightStatus Checks the status of busylight
Jabra_SetBusylightStatus Enables/Disables the busylight status
Jabra_RegisterBusylightEvent Registration of callback to receive busylight events
Jabra_IsManualBusylightSupported Checks if manual busy lights is supported
Jabra_GetManualBusylightStatus Gets the value of the manual busy lights
Jabra_SetManualBusylightStatus Sets the value of the manual busy lights
Jabra_RegisterManualBusylightEvent Register a callback for busy lights events
Jabra_IsRemoteMMISupported Checks if remote MMI feature is supported by the device
Jabra_GetButtonFocus Configures the remote MMI events for a device
Jabra_ReleaseButtonFocus Releases the remote MMI events configured in the device
Jabra_GetSupportedButtonEvents Gets the supported remote MMI for a device
Jabra_FreeButtonEvents Free the memory allocated for the button events
Jabra_RegisterForGNPButtonEvent Register callback function to get notified on GNP Button events
Jabra_ConfigureLogging API to configure the logging of events.
Jabra_RegisterLoggingCallback Register callback function for logging.
Jabra_GetESN Gets ESN (electronic serial number) of the device
Jabra_GetCurrentLanguageCode Gets the language code for the current language of the device
Jabra_IsLeftEarbudStatusSupported Checks if left earbud status supported by the device
Jabra_GetLeftEarbudStatus Gets left earbud connection status of the device
Jabra_RegisterLeftEarbudStatus Registers left earbud connection status event. Can only be called when a device is attached
Jabra_RegisterHearThroughSettingChangeHandler Registers HearThrough setting change event. Can only be called when a device is attached
Jabra_IsEqualizerSupported Checks if equalizer is supported by the device
Jabra_IsEqualizerEnabled Checks if equalizer is enabled in the device
Jabra_EnableEqualizer Enables/disables equalizer in the device
Jabra_GetEqualizerParameters Gets equalizer parameters for a device
Jabra_SetEqualizerParameters Set equalizer parameters for a device
Jabra_GetNpsUrl Get the NPS URL based on device, app name and app version
Jabra_ProductRegistration Registers a product with the provided information
Jabra_ExecuteAVRCPCommand Tells the device to execute a AVRCP command
Jabra_Reconnect Recreates the session, Input and Output streams for all devices which are connected to the phone and not to the app
Jabra_IsFeatureSupported Checks if a feature is supported by a device
Jabra_GetSupportedFeatures Gets array of features supported by a device
Jabra_FreeSupportedFeatures Frees a list of features obtained by calling Jabra_GetSupportedFeatures
Jabra_GetMultiESN Get ESN for all device components
Jabra_FreeMap Release memory allocated by functions returning a Map_Int_String*
Jabra_RequestNoHangupToneNextTime Request that the headset does not play its 'end of call' tone when the SCO closes next time.
Jabra_IsCertifiedForSkypeForBusiness Indicates whether the device is certified for Skype for Business
Jabra_FreeCharArray Free a char array
Jabra_IsUploadRingtoneSupported Checks if ringtone upload is supported by the device
Jabra_UploadRingtone Upload ringtone to device
Jabra_RegisterUploadProgress Registration for upload progress event
Jabra_IsUploadImageSupported Checks if image upload is supported by the device
Jabra_UploadImage Upload image to device
Jabra_IsSetDateTimeSupported Checks if date and time synchronization is supported by the device
Jabra_SetDateTime Set date and time to device
Jabra_GetDateTime Get date and time from device
Jabra_GetSupportedDeviceEvents Supported events by device
Jabra_SetSubscribedDeviceEvents Set device events to subscribe to
Jabra_GetAudioFileParametersForUpload Get details of audio file for uploading to device
Jabra_UploadWavRingtone Upload ringtone to device in .wav format
Jabra_GetReturnCodeString Returns the descriptive string from the return code.
Jabra_RegisterBatteryStatusUpdateCallback Registers for battery status update callback.
Jabra_IsSettingProtectionEnabled Checks if setting protection is enabled in the device.
Jabra_GetNpsUrlForApplication Get the NPS URL for the application only.
Jabra_EnableDevLog Enables/disables logging for a device.
Jabra_IsDevLogEnabled Checks if logging is enabled in device.
Jabra_RegisterDevLogCallback Register callback function to get notified on device events.
Jabra_GetRemoteMmiTypes Gets a list of supported remote MMIs.
Jabra_FreeRemoteMmiTypes Frees/deallocates the memory area allocated by Jabra_GetRemoteMmiTypes().
Jabra_IsRemoteMmiInFocus Gets the status of the remote MMI focus.
Jabra_GetRemoteMmiFocus Gets the focus of the remote MMI specified.
Jabra_ReleaseRemoteMmiFocus Releases the focus of the remote MMI specified.
Jabra_SetRemoteMmiAction Sets an output action on the remote MMI.
Jabra_RegisterRemoteMmiCallback Registers for remote MMI event callback.
Jabra_GetPanics Get the panic list.
Jabra_FreePanicListType Frees the Jabra_PanicListType structure.
Jabra_SetTimestamp Sets a static timestamp in the device.
Jabra_GetTimestamp Gets the static timestamp in the device.
Jabra_PreloadDeviceInfo Preloads the configuration cache with the content of the specified archive.
Jabra_PlayRingtone Play Ringtone in Device.
Jabra_SetWizardMode Sets the wizard mode.
Jabra_GetWizardMode Reads the current wizard mode.
Jabra_SetHidEventsFromNonJabraDevices Enable Hid events from non Jabra devices.
Jabra_IsHidEventsFromNonJabraDevicesEnabled Is Hid events from non Jabra devices enabled.
Jabra_SetStdHidEventsFromJabraDevices Enable Hid events from Jabra devices.
Jabra_IsStdHidEventsFromJabraDevicesEnabled Is Hid events from Jabra devices enabled.
Jabra_GetCustomerSupportUrl Get the URL for contacting Jabra customer support.
Jabra_GetSku Get device SKU (stock keeping unit).
Jabra_GetBatteryStatusV2 Get battery status, if supported by device.
Jabra_CopyJabraBatteryStatus Copy the content of a Jabra_BatteryStatus struct.
Jabra_FreeBatteryStatus Frees the Jabra_BatteryStatus.
Jabra_RegisterBatteryStatusUpdateCallbackV2 Register for battery status update callback.
Jabra_SetJackConnectorStatusListener Subscribe/unsubscribe to JackStatus events.
Jabra_SetHeadDetectionStatusListener Subscribe/unsubscribe to HeadDetectionStatus events.
Jabra_SetLinkConnectionStatusListener Subscribe/unsubscribe to LinkConnectionStatus events.
Jabra_RebootDevice Reboot the device.
Jabra_GetLock Get lock for a particular device
Jabra_ReleaseLock Release the lock for a particular device
Jabra_IsLocked Check if the lock on device is acquired by us
Jabra_GetPanicCodes Gets the panic codes stored in the device
Jabra_ClearPanicCodes Clear the list of panic codes stored in the device

Interface_AmbienceModes.h: Ambience mode interfaces

API Name Description
Jabra_GetAmbienceMode Get the ambience mode
Jabra_SetAmbienceMode Set the ambience mode
Jabra_GetSupportedAmbienceModes Get the list of supported ambience levels for a device
Jabra_GetSupportedAmbienceModeLevels Get the levels supported by a specific ambience mode
Jabra_GetAmbienceModeLevel Get the level for a specific ambience mode
Jabra_SetAmbienceModeLevel Set the level for a specific ambience mode
Jabra_GetSupportedAmbienceModeBalance Get the supported range for left/right balance for a specific ambience mode
Jabra_GetAmbienceModeBalance Get the left/right balance for a specific ambience mode
Jabra_SetAmbienceModeBalance Set the left/right balance for a specific ambience mode
Jabra_GetAmbienceModeNoiseLevel Get the noise level for the currently active ambience mode
Jabra_GetAmbienceModeSetting Get whether a specific setting is enabled for a given ambience mode
Jabra_SetAmbienceModeSetting Enable or diasable a specific setting for a given ambience mode
Jabra_GetAmbienceModeLoop Get the current ambience mode loop
Jabra_SetAmbienceModeLoop Set the current ambience mode loop
Jabra_SetAmbienceModeChangeListener Register a listener for the ambience mode change event

Interface_Bluetooth.h: Bluetooth interfaces

API Name Description
Jabra_SetBTPairing Sets the Bluetooth device into pairing mode
Jabra_SearchNewDevices Query for available Bluetooth devices which are switched on, within range and ready to connect
Jabra_GetSearchDeviceList Gets the list of new devices which are available to pair & connect
Jabra_StopBTPairing Stops the search for available Bluetooth devices
Jabra_SetAutoPairing Enables/disables auto pairing. When Bluetooth adapter is plugged into the PC it will attempt to connect with the last connected Bluetooth device. If it cannot connect, it will automatically search for new Bluetooth devices to connect to if auto pairing is set
Jabra_GetAutoPairing Queries whether auto pairing mode is enabled or disabled
Jabra_ClearPairingList Clears the list of paired Bluetooth devices to the Bluetooth adapter
Jabra_ConnectBTDevice Connect/Reconnect Bluetooth device to the Jabra Bluetooth adapter. Ensure the Bluetooth device is switched on and within range
Jabra_ConnectNewDevice Connects to Bluetooth device with specified device details
Jabra_DisconnectBTDevice Disconnects Bluetooth device from Bluetooth adapter
Jabra_GetConnectedBTDeviceName Queries the name of connected Bluetooth device with Bluetooth Adapter
Jabra_ConnectPairedDevice Connect a device which was already paired
Jabra_RegisterPairingListCallback Register callback to receive list of paired devices with BT adapter
Jabra_IsPairingListSupported Checks if pairing list is supported by the device
Jabra_GetPairingList Gets the list of devices which are paired previously to Bluetooth adapter
Jabra_FreePairingList Frees the memory allocated for the list of paired devices
Jabra_DisConnectPairedDevice Disconnect a paired device
Jabra_ClearPairedDevice Clears the specified device from paired device list
Jabra_GetSecureConnectionMode Gets the secure connection mode for a dongle device.

Interface_Firmware.h: Firmware interfaces

API Name Description
Jabra_GetFirmwareVersion Returns the firmware version of the specified Jabra device
Jabra_IsFirmwareLockEnabled Checks if firmware lock is enabled in the device.
Jabra_EnableFirmwareLock Enable or disable firmware up-and-downgrade lock.
Jabra_CheckForFirmwareUpdate Checks if any latest firmware is available on the server.
Jabra_GetLatestFirmwareInformation Gives the latest available firmware on the server based on user request.
Jabra_FreeFirmwareInfo Frees the memory allocated for the firmware information.
Jabra_DownloadFirmware Downloads the selected firmware version.
Jabra_GetFirmwareFilePath Gets the file path where the firmware file for the respective version has been downloaded.
Jabra_UpdateFirmware Updates the firmware of the device to the firmware version specified.
Jabra_CancelFirmwareDownload Cancels the firmware download.
Jabra_RegisterFirmwareProgressCallBack Registers firmware progress callback to get notified about firmware download progress.
Jabra_GetAllFirmwareInformation Gets information of all the firmwares present in cloud for the specific device.
Jabra_FreeFirmwareInfoList Frees the list of firmware information structure.
Jabra_DownloadFirmwareUpdater Downloads the latest FW updater relevant for this device.

JabraDeviceConfig.h: Device setting interfaces

API Name Description
Jabra_GetSettings Gets the attached Jabra device setting. Returns pointer to the device settings structure containing all settings for a particular device
Jabra_FreeDeviceSettings Once the device setting is requested by the application, memory needs to be freed by calling this API by the application
Jabra_SetSettings Updates/Sets the setting details of the attached Jabra device. Returns a return code to indicate if settings were applied successfully or not
Jabra_FreeString Once the device image path is requested, application needs to release the memory by calling this API to prevent memory leak
Jabra_GetFailedSettingNames Queries the list of failed setting names
Jabra_FreeFailedSettings Memory of failed setting names can be released by the application using this interface to prevent memory leak
Jabra_SetSettingsChangeListener Add a listener for changes to the device settings. The listener will be called when a setting is changed in the device, regardless of who changed it (this instance, another instance, or the user through MMI).
Jabra_IsFactoryResetSupported Returns whether the device supports factory reset
Jabra_FactoryReset Restores to factory settings of the device
Jabra_FreeDeviceSettings Memory allocated to device settings can be released by the application using this interface to prevent memory leak
Jabra_GetSetting Gets the unique setting identified by a GUID of a device
Jabra_GetNamedAsset Requests a named asset for the specified device
Jabra_FreeAsset Releases an asset previously obtained with Jabra_GetNamedAsset()

JabraNativeHID.h: RCC interfaces

API Name Description
Jabra_IsOffhookSupported Returns true if off hook is supported for a specific Jabra device
Jabra_SetOffhook Set the specified device off hook/on hook
Jabra_IsRingerSupported Returns true if ringer is supported for a specific Jabra device
Jabra_SetRinger Set ringer on/off for the specified device
Jabra_IsMuteSupported Returns true if ringer is supported for a specific Jabra device
Jabra_SetMute Set mute on/off for the specified device
Jabra_IsHoldSupported Returns true if hold is supported for a specific Jabra device
Jabra_SetHold Set hold on/off for the specified device
Jabra_IsOnlineSupported Returns true if online mode is supported for a specific Jabra device
Jabra_SetOnline Turn online mode on/off for a wireless headset. Online mode opens an audio link (radio link) between a base/dongle and a headset
Jabra_WriteHIDCommand Interface for sending HID output reports with device ID, Usage Page and Usage. This function is for advanced users. It is recommended to use the dedicated functions: Jabra_SetOffHook, Jabra_SetRinger, Jabra_SetMute, Jabra_SetHold, and Jabra_SetOnline
Jabra_IsGnHidStdHidSupported Returns true if the device supports Gn HID and Std HID and able to switch between them
Jabra_GetHidWorkingState Gets the HID working state
Jabra_SetHidWorkingState Sets the HID working state to either standard HID ( HID specification) or GN HID. HID Events will (default) NOT be triggered for standard HID to avoid conflicts