Sample application Code

Both source code and binary files for the demo application are packed along with this SDK. The demo application is a C# WPF Application built using .net framework 4.5 and C# bindings. The test program demonstrates library initialization, usage of remote call controls and device settings features using Jabra SDK V2.

Device Information View

Device Settings View

Call Control View

Device information while Bluetooth dongle is connected

Device connected to PC over Bluetooth via dongle

BT Pairing while headset is connected to PC via dongle

Mapping of Button Events with user actions.

Authorization Tab to generate authorization key for Firmware Updater

Firmware Updater view

Firmware updater -- initiate check for updates

Firmware Updater View -- List's latest Firmware available.

Firmware Updater View -- Download specific firmware.

Firmware Updater installation process start's on clicking update if it is not installed

Firmware Updater --Update on clicking update

Firmware Updater -- Update finished.

Device Settings View -- Verify firmware version on update.

Upload ringtone

Upload ringtone file selection

Upload ringtone -- file upload progress view

Upload image

Upload image - file selection

Upload image - file upload success view

Set date and time view

Logging view

Development Setup

  1. Create a new Sample application using Visual Studio --WPF C# Application

Visual Studio project creation start up view

  1. Copy the Library (libjabra.dll) from the JabraSDK zip file and place it in application Debug/ Release project folder as shown below or install NuGet package "jabrasdk.x.x.x.xx.nupkg" for application to use Library (libjabra.dll) with JabraSDK.dll(.Net Wrapper).

Copy Library DLL