Jabra SDK for macOS (Dec 2019)

This Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a Telephony Application Programming Interface (API) towards Jabra USB HID headsets and speakerphones for easy call control integration with softphones and other telephony applications

Jabra SDK provides application interfaces to:

  • List and connect Jabra devices
  • Read and change settings in Jabra devices
  • Perform Remote Call Control (RCC)
  • Configure and subscribe to button events
  • Dongle support (Link360 and Link370)
  • Device events logging
  • Device firmware update
  • Log file size and backup
  • Child and Dongle separation


  • Mac version 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14, Xcode
  • Curl libaray (libcurl.X.dylib) to make HTTP request to get serial number of the attached device from service
    Curl will be installed by default in the mac system. This can be viewed in the path /usr/lib
    If curl library is not present, use Homebrew to install the same
  • Uninstall Jabra Suite for Mac application from preference pane before starting test application


Unzip the SDK archive to a folder on your mac system and launch the "SDK Demo" application present in Demo folder

Known issue: On MacOS Catalina and later, we are aware that MacOS may prevent you from running the app saying it could not be opened due to the program not being from a known developer or the app store. Your only choice is to close the dialog box. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Workaround: The simple work-around is hold [ctrl] while clicking on the demo application, and then choose open. This will bring up a dialog box that now has the same warning, but with an additional "Open" button. Once chosen, this setting will be remembered on the computer.


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Jabra SDK for macOS Dec 2019 Download SDK Documentation

Previous Releases

Jabra macOS SDK

Theses previous versions of the Jabra SDK are provided as is.


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Jabra SDK for macOS v1.7.3.4 March 2019 Download SDK
Jabra Native HID SDK for Mac 1.0.3292 Download SDK