Web and Browser SDKs

Current Releases

Amazon Connect (October 2017)

Guide to add headset functionality to Amazon Connect. This will provide ringer/offhook/onhook functionality to a custom Amazon Connect implementation.


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Amazon Connect October 2017 Download SDK

Browser SDK (August 2017)

The Jabra Websocket SDK is now deprecated and replaced by the Jabra Browser Integration. Reason for the change is to ensure and adapt to security considerations on different operating systems. The new solution supports Windows and MacOS.

The new beta solution is on Github, we would appreciate your feedback:


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Browser SDK V1.0 August 2017 Download SDK

JABRA Standard USB HID specification

This document provides an overview of the fundamental and standardized USB HID commands implemented in Jabra USB headsets.

The standardized USB HID signaling terminology can be used on various appliances across different platforms i.e. a softphone build for Mac/Linux or a Deskphone running on Linux platform to mention some examples of usage.


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Standard USB HID Specification V3.0 Documentation

Previous Releases

JABRA Chrome HID SDK (October 2016)

The Jabra HID API provides methods and event notifications for integrating a Jabra device with a Google Chrome App. The Jabra HID API is based on the chrome.hid API but provides a simpler and more high level API for interacting with Jabra USB HID devices. The API is a Javascript object that you can integrate into your Chrome Apps.

With the Jabra HID API you can link basic softphone call control operations to a Jabra device. From a Chrome App you can perform these actions on a Jabra device:

  • Turn ring indication (visible and/or audible) on or off
  • Set the device off-hook, i.e. enter active call state
  • Set the device on-hook, i.e. enter idle state
  • Mute or unmute the microphone during an active call


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Jabra Chrome HID SDK 1.1.0 October 2016 Download SDK