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Jabra SDK for Windows (March 2019)

This Software Development Kit (SDK) provides C interfaces to communicate with Jabra devices. The Jabra Windows SDK provides access to many device features and APIs. Product images can be displayed in your application, settings are used to let your users control the settings of the connected Jabra device. Some Jabra devices have 'application buttons' that your app can listen to and use button events to trigger actions in your app. If you are writing a softphone app, we have support for using buttons on the Jabra device to accept/reject a call. Data for product images and settings are provided by the SDK accessing our servers, always using the latest information. This means that you can expect new Jabra devices to be supported 'automatically', without having to use an updated SDK, or releasing a new version of your app.


  • Windows version: 7(32 bit & 64 bit) and above
  • Microsoft .NET framework version 4.5.2 and above
  • Visual Studio: 2015
  • Network connection


Make sure the system requirements are met and unzip the SDK archive to a folder on your OS system. Launch the demo app present in the demo folder.


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Jabra SDK for Windows v1.7.3.4 March 2019 Download SDK Documentation

Jabra Node.js - Windows version : 1.0.6-11

SDK wrapper (jabra_prod.tgz) -- Release date: December 10, 2018


  • Remote Call Control (RCC) functionality - support for following commands:
    • Answer and end call
    • Mute and unmute call
    • Hold and resume call
    • Ring indication
    • Manual audio
  • Device settings
  • Button configuration (button takeover and remote MMI)
  • Support for Bluetooth adaptor (Link 360 and Link 370)
  • Device information (serial number, firmware version, battery status)
  • Busylight indication
    • Concurrency support for multiple applications of SDK
    • Coexistence with Jabra Direct
  • Device events logging
    • Device firmware update
    • Log File Size and Backup
    • Concerning settings: The dongle and child devices are now handled as separate entities.


  • Pro 9470
  • Pro 9465
  • Pro 9460
  • Pro 9450
  • Biz 2300
  • Motion Office
  • Evolve 65 USB
  • Biz 2400 II CC
  • Pro 930
  • Pro 935 (single and dual)
  • Pro 925 (single and dual)
  • Evolve 40
  • Evolve 80
  • Link 265
  • Evolve 30 II
  • Evolve 20
  • Evolve 30
  • Biz 1500
  • Biz 2400 II
  • Link 260
  • Evolve 65t
  • Evolve 75
  • Evolve 75e
  • Engage 50
  • Engage 65
  • Engage 75
  • Motion UC (over Bluetooth)
  • Link 360
  • Link 370
  • Speak 410
  • Speak 510
  • Speak 710
  • Speak 810
  • Link 230
  • Link 850
  • Link 860 (only settings applicable)

Previous Releases

Jabra SDK for Windows


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Jabra SDK for Windows v1.3.0.0 July 2018 Download SDK Documentation
Jabra SDK V2 Windows Download SDK
Jabra SDK V2 Windows Download SDK
Jabra SDK V2 Windows Download SDK
JABRA .NET SDK v3.1.13407 Download Removed
JABRA C++ SDK* v1.0.11.5 November 2016 Download SDK

*This SDK can be accessed from standard C++ applications and does not require .NET, Jabra PC Suite or Jabra Direct. Package contains a 32 bit as well as a 64 bit version of the SDK.