Jabra SDK for Windows (December 2019)

The Jabra SDK for Windows contains libraries, examples, and documentation to integrate the digital features of Jabra devices into applications on Windows.

The SDK supports two programming environments:

  • C-level managed API for native Windows desktop applications through header files and a library/DLL.
  • C#-level managed API for DotNET applications through an assembly in the form of a DLL. Note that the C# level API implements a smaller, but still covering sub-set of functions of the full C-level API. Please check the DotNET reference guide for further details.
NOTE: BREAKING CHANGE IN API for C# – see below.


These are the system requirements for running the demo app and the apps built with the libraries.

  • Windows version: 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) or later
  • For C# and demo app: Microsoft .NET framework version 4.5.2 or newer
  • Visual Studio: 2015 or newer
  • Internet connection (for run-time operation)
  • Wired Jabra headset or Jabra Bluetooth headset connected via Jabra Dongle


Make sure the system requirements are met and unzip the SDK archive to a folder on your OS system. You can then launch the demo app present in the demo folder to test the connection to an attached Jabra Device.


Breaking change (C#)

Please note the following breaking change from version
The .NET wrapper will no longer automatically acknowledge button input events from the Jabra device. HID button inputs now must be acknowledged explicitly by .NET applications.
For example, when you receive an OffHook = true input you must call SetHookState(true).
For further information please see the "Acknowledgement of HID Inputs" section in the DotNET wrapper User Guide.

Other notable changes

In v1.7.3.4, a feature was introduced for reporting on and reading Std-HID from non-Jabra USB devices attached to the computer. This feature did sometimes confuse applications who only expected to see Jabra devices. The feature is now turned off by default, and must be turned on specifically using API calls for non-Jabra devices to be reported.

Known major issues specific to Windows

None known currently (December 2019).


See also adapters for node.js or the chrome browser supporting JavaScript:
The run-time package for windows is avaible through NPM.


  Title Version Last Updated Link Link
Jabra SDK for Windows Dec 2019 Download SDK Documentation

Previous Releases


  Title Version Last Updated Link
Jabra SDK for Windows v1.7.3.4 March 2019 Download SDK
Jabra SDK for Windows v1.3.0.0 July 2018 Download SDK