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Jabra Browser Integration

WebRTC demo with autoselection of Jabra device

We have released a new Web RTC demo site which is accessible from site below:

Jabra Language Translator Demo (September 2017)

Real time language translation using the Jabra 710 speakerphone. Unzip the package into a directory and run the MSI. Jabra 710 device needed, and .NET 4.6.1
Jabra Speak2Translate

Download: Speak To Translate Demo

Jabra Screenlock Demo (July 2016)

Simple screen locking application triggered by disconnecting the headset from the inline controller. Supports Link 230, Link 260, Evolve 40 and Evolve 80. Please ensure that you are using the latest firmware on these devices. icon

Download: Screen Lock (Headset Disconnect API Demo)