BlueParrott iOS Integration Component

The BlueParrott iOS SDK provides developer access to the programmable BlueParrott Button™ found on premium BlueParrott headsets allowing for control of select functions and activities within a mobile application directly from the headset. The BlueParrott Button™ can be configured for up to four dedicated states of operation: Press, Double-Tap, Hold, and Release. Each of these states is addressable for individual functions within the mobile application. Access to firmware version, sensor data, and settings that modify the headset's behavior are also available. See the table below for applicability.

To increase the overall utility of integration, functionality can be either limited to when the application is in the foreground or extended to offer background access as well.

Configuration of the headset's BlueParrott Button™ is also managed by the SDK library, so an application can directly configure the BlueParrott Button™ on a connected headset for use with the app, simplifying setup and easing the deployment of large numbers of devices.

BlueParrott iOS SDK v4.0.9 is a framework which provides interfaces to the following functionality in compatible BlueParrott devices:

  • BlueParrott Button™ configuration; four operation states
  • Automatic configuration of the BlueParrott Button™ for use with an application
  • Support for foreground and/or background control within an application
  • Access to sensor data (B550, C300)
  • Headset firmware version (select headsets)
  • Headset Configuration (select headsets)

BlueParrott iOS SDK includes the following development tools:

  • SDK Library
  • Example test application to show:
    • Connectivity and connected device BlueParrott Button™ state
    • Headset Configuration read/write
    • Sensor state read/notification
    • Firmware version read
  • Notes and documentation

Supported Features

Headset Standard Headset Configuration Proximity (Sensor 1) Firmware Version
M300-XT Yes Yes No Yes
B350-XT Yes No No No
B350-XT II Yes Yes No No
B450-XT Yes No No No
B450-XT II Yes Yes No Yes
B550-XT Yes From v1.33 From v1.34 From v1.34
C300-XT Yes From v1.19 From v1.21 From v1.21
C400-XT Yes From v2.01 No No
S450-XT Yes No No No
Reveal Pro Yes No No No

Release Highlights

Version 4.0.9

For detailed information see the changelog.

  • Repackaged SDK Archive to work in Xcode Simulator as well as on real devices


Title Version Last Updated Link Link
🔽 BlueParrott SDK for iOS 4.0.9 Mar 2022 Download SDK Documentation

For older versions, please see the archive.