Browser Integration Component

This software project from Jabra helps developers to make solutions, where basic headset call control can be used from within a browser app using JavaScript. Since it is not possible to access USB devices directly from JavaScript, this library provides a solution of getting a route from the JavaScript to the Jabra USB device. The API is a JavaScript library with a facade that hides implementation details.

Basic call control is defined by off-hook/on-hook, ringer, mute/unmute, and hold/resume. With these features, it is possible to implement a browser-based softphone app. Combined with the WebRTC technology it is possible to create a softphone that only requires small software components installed locally on the computer, while the business logic is implemented in JavaScript.

System Requirements

To communicate with the headset from Javascript, you need to deploy two packages on the agent’s client computers:

  • Browser extension for Chrome
  • Jabra ChromeHost helper application for headset communication.

Operating systems supported by components:

  • Windows 64 bit, Windows 8.1 or newer
  • Windows 32 bit, Windows 8.1 or newer
  • macOS, 10.14 or newer.

Browsers supported:

  • Google Chrome 87 or later.
  • Latest version Microsoft Edge is supported, but not actively tested with each SDK release.
    • Microsoft Edge administrators need to allow the installation of extensions from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Latest version of other Chromium based browsers are expected to work, but not actively tested with each SDK release.


Please see the documentation page for details on how to use the browser integration component.

Jabra ChromeHost 2.1.1 for Mac

For detailed information see the changelog.

  • Update ChromeHost for Mac to support Big Sur.

πŸ› Known Issues

  • Uncaught TypeError when posting global message where message = null.
    • This is an issue on both Windows and macOS.
    • Can be triggered by calling window.postMessage(null, β€˜*’);.


Title Version Last Updated Link
πŸ”½ Jabra ChromeHost for Windows 2.1.0 Nov 2021 Download
πŸ”½ Jabra ChromeHost for Mac 2.1.1 Nov 2021 Download
πŸ”½ Javascript API Client File 3.0 Feb 2021 Download
πŸ”½ Typescript Definition File 3.0 Feb 2021 Download
πŸ”½ Chrome Extension 2.1.0 Feb 2021 Google Web Store

For older versions, please see the archive.