Linux Integration Component

The Jabra SDK for Linux contains libraries, examples, and documentation to integrate the digital features of Jabra devices into applications on Linux (Ubuntu and derivatives).
The SDK supports the following environment:

  • C-level managed API for native Linux applications through header files and a dynamic link library.

Supported Platforms

With the Linux SDK library we support the following Linux distribution:

  • Ubuntu

Tested Platforms

The latest release was tested on this operating system and hardware:

Operating System Tested on
Ubuntu 20.04 Intel 64-bit


Make sure the system requirements are met and unzip the SDK archive to a folder on your file system.

You can then launch the demo app present in the demo folder to test the connection to an attached Jabra Device. Please note that for the demo to run, you need to add the SDK folder containing the file to the LIBPATH, or copy the file to a folder that is already in the LIBPATH (see user guide for more details).

Release highlights

For detailed information see the changelog.


🚀 Improvements

  • New link quality data point for supported dongle devices

🔧 Fixes

  • Jabra_PreloadAttachedDeviceInfo would reject resources for some devices
  • When specifying an Xpress URL, the URL will now be stripped for any invalid characters
  • Updated the User Guide, corrected paths and UDEV description
  • Bugfix of possible crash during uninitilization of the SDK


Title Version Last Updated Link Link
+ Jabra SDK for Linux Mar 2022 Download SDK Documentation

For older versions, please see the archive.