macOS Integration Component

This Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a Telephony Application Programming Interface (API) towards Jabra USB HID headsets and speakerphones for easy call control integration with softphones and other telephony applications.

Jabra SDK provides application interfaces to:

  • List and connect Jabra devices
  • Read and change settings in Jabra devices
  • Perform Remote Call Control (RCC)
  • Configure and subscribe to button events
  • Dongle support (Link360, Link370, and Link380)
  • Device events logging
  • Device firmware update
  • Log file size and backup
  • Child and Dongle separation.

System Requirements

  • macOS X : 10.15.x (Applications can be deployed from 10.12.x to 10.15.x)
  • macOS 11: 11.0 "Big Sur"
  • Xcode for compiling the demo application.


Unzip the SDK archive to a folder on your file system.


For detailed information see the changelog.

  • Reintroducing the Call Lock functionality. This functionality ensures that two softphones do not use the same Jabra device at the same time - it does so by controlling access to the call control functionality in the SDK library. Call Lock consists of three API functions:

    • Jabra_GetLock()
    • Jabra_ReleaseLock()
    • Jabra_IsLocked().

    By acquiring a lock beforehand softphones can co-exist without interfering with each other, if acquiring the lock fails another softphone is currently using the device. See more information on the Call Lock page.

  • New APIs for Active Noise Cancellation and hear-through. Hear-through allows the users to get audio from their surroundings in the headset. Look for AmbienceMode.

Known issues

  • Firmware download on macOS Big Sur (version 11) does not work in version


Title Version Last Updated Link Link
🔽 Jabra SDK for macOS April 2021 Download SDK Documentation

For older versions, please see the archive.